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Mixing Modern Luxury and Traditional Interiors

Mixing Modern and Traditional Interiors

“Modern luxury being our forte, we have been focusing on perfecting the art of enriching it with a few traditional touches, that give our interiors a timeless look.”

A clever mix of luxury and traditional interiors is the flavour of the times. With their clean and sophisticated vibe dotted with familiar and rich traditional elements, they seem to hit the right spot with interior enthusiasts and clients. As one of the leading home interior designers in Gurgaon in this space, we get numerous enquiries for luxury and traditional interiors. And weare happy to offer the most exquisite looks in this genre.

Traditional interior design ideas have been intricately incorporated in modern design to enhance the impact for decades. At MADS Creations projects, luxury and traditional interiors go hand in hand to conjure the opulent modern environments that we have come to be known for.

We believe that blending modern luxury and traditional interiors is an art that needs careful honing with a keen eye for balance and harmony. The right doze of traditional elements incorporated in the mix allows us to keep the interiors fresh and ageless. It is a multi-layered look that ensures opulence and luxury. With modern decor style as the broad canvas, we bring in elements of luxury and traditional interiors to create visually spectacular environments.

Here are our top five ways to blend luxury and traditional elements:

1. Furniture mix-up

Furniture mix up
Furniture mix up

Traditionally appointed interiors were always considered luxurious since they were replete with handcrafted details and intricacies. It is all about how you achieve a coherent look with the diverse pieces that determines the beauty of it.

  • Modern traditional interior design can be achieved by blending furniture pieces with a classical twist into your contemporary arrangement.
  • A touch of gold, the curved contours of a seating, the tapered base, or the way the furniture is upholstered, can do the trick.
  • Incorporatingsubtle traditional interior design characteristics like turned legs of furniture, nail head details, trimmings of upholstery, can make a magical difference.
  • You could also mix and match a modern sofa with a coffee table or side tables with traditional nuances.

2. Rich furnishings

Rich furnishings
Rich furnishings

Modern home interior designs employ various traditional textiles from silks to velvets to cottons to add authenticity to the space. A carpet with classical

  • A carpet with classical motifs can be combined with plush furniture set-up, or an oriental rug with a modern dining room to add an exotic edge to the interiors.
  • Clever mixing of fabrics and textiles results in a rich spaces.
  • Contrasting colours and textures adds immense interest.
  • Traditional plaid checks used in a monotone colour spells modern sophistication.
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3. Wall décoration

Wall decoration
Wall decoration

From paneling to wallpapers, and to simple molding, walls offer a wide canvas for experimentation. Luxury and traditional interiors employ a number of ways to decorate the walls to add depth to the spaces. From the traditional wooden or stone paneling to leather, there are many ways you can achieve a luxurious look.

  • At our Tatvam villas project, you can witness stone and leather claddings detailed with gold tinted metal strips elevate the spaces.
  • In our Marbella project, we have used ornate moldings to add a traditional touch to an otherwise modern luxury home.
  • A hint of old-world charm brings a palpable richness and warmth to modern spaces and prevents them from looking and feeling sterile.

4. Spectacular lights

Spectacular lights
Spectacular lights

  • When it comes to bringing alive luxury and traditional interiors, lights are your best bet. From grand chandeliers to wall sconces and pendant lights, your choice of lights can allow you to introduce a traditional sparkle to your interiors.
  • Most of our modern luxury homes are embellished with splendorous lights that celebrate a classical style in a modern set-up, fusing the old with the new. By layering lights of various kinds, you can create a regal look.

5. Ornate accessories

Ornate Accessories
Ornate Accessories

  • From mirrors to artworks, hand-picked accessories to collectibles and mementoes, décor articles go a long way in injecting a touch of the traditional into your modern home.
  • From exquisite crystal vases, spires, to masks and animal sculptures, there are innumerable decorative pieces for you to choose from.
  • Classic candle stands, photo frames, they all help you achieve luxury and traditional interiors.
  • Our signature style of using metal screens finished in gold to create a sense of privacy, allows us to bring in traditional patterns into interiors.
  • A small water pond with floating flowers fitted within modern homes is a welcoming gesture that connects us to our conventions.

As we continue to dream up luxurious modern interiors, the allure of traditional elements will continue to inspire us and enhance our homes.

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