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Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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Exclusive Furniture and Home Accessories by MADS Creations

Custom Furniture and accessories create exclusive luxury homes

What makes a home a reflection of its owner’s aspirations, personality and their wellbeing? It’s the interiors and all those elements that constitute it – the colour scheme, the material palette, furniture pieces and most importantly, home accessories. While the colour scheme can be tailored easily, the rest of it is possible only with custom furniture and the best home accessories you can lay your hands on.

Take a look at the services of some of the best interior designers in Gurgaon, and you will find that custom furniture and home accessories are the in thing.

The kind of home furniture and types of home accessories decorating an interior space speak for the personality and lifestyle of the homeowners. Luxury furniture is best when it is custom created for the project with specific inputs by homeowners. A particular shade of upholstery for a sofa; a stunning sculptural contour for an accent chair; a glamorous coffee table that is center of all attention… All this can be achieved with custom furniture, impeccably tailored to the needs and aspirations of the client. Similarly, interior accessories of homes add the right kind of nuances and finishing to an environment thus making it picture perfect.

Here are 10 types of furniture pieces and accessories we offer to our clients:

1. Luxury sofas

Lavish and supremely comfortable, our sofas and loungers bring a unique sense of style to your interiors. The contours, the depth of the seat and upholstery can be tailor-made to suit the client’s requirement.

Luxury sofa by Mads Creations
Luxury sofa by Mads Creations

2. Accent chairs

Whether you’re looking at sculptural chairs with striking silhouettes; elegant arm chairs in various shapes and sizes; or canopy chairs with the back extending over the head to form an arch; or study chairs and dining chairs, all your needs can be easily met with our versatile ability to manufacture.

Accent Chairs | MADS Creations
Accent Chairs | MADS Creations

3. Dining Room furniture

Majestic tables with a grand marble top, or warm wood top or sleek glass top, coupled with comfortable and charming chairs, bring a graceful look to your dining room.

4. Console and buffet tables

Sleek and sophisticated console tables add a touch of luxury from the sidelines, and offer attractive surfaces to display your prized home accessories.

Console and buffet tables accessories
Console and buffet tables accessories

5. Bar units

Whether freestanding or built on site, our bar units add pizzazz to your evenings, and keep you in touch with the art of entertaining.

6. Coffee tables

Make a trend statement with extravagant coffee tables created using premium materials like marble, wood, glass and metal.

7. Screens

Our signature screens mostly made of metal, and finished in gold, rose gold or PU paint, introduce intricate patterns while also helping you divide expansive spaces partially.

Screens by MADS Creations

8. Home accessories

Graceful animal figures, quirky masks, shapely spires, exclusive bookends featuring semi precious materials, playful sculptures, artifacts, fun bird figurines in diverse materials are included in the list of home accessories that we handpick for our clients’ homes. Whether busts, lamps, vases or spires, such tabletop accessories grab the attention of onlookers immediately.

9. Artworks

Specially commissioned paintings and prints, selected keeping the colour palette of the space in mind, as also the room type, add awe-inspiring vibrancy to a room. Our collection of artworks range from larger-than-life scaled-up canvases to standard dimensions, depending on the size of the space they decorate

10. Wall art

Rows of animal heads, masks or Victorian human heads – when arranged in an eye-catching manner, they bring a unique character and grandeur to your space. Ask for custom wall art in bulk and transform your spaces.

With our stupendous capability to transform every design on paper into reality, we bring a unique sense of exclusivity to our projects. And we are happy to help architects and interior designers to achieve the same by offering bulk custom furniture and interior accessories for homes.

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