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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Handpicked For You

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Handpicked For You

“As luxury interior designers, we marry sophisticated aesthetics and refinement with functionality and practicality in our modern kitchen design.”

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. And cooking has emerged as a therapeutic activity. With families and friends coming together to rustle up food and fun, the kitchen has also become a place to bond and entertain. As a result, modern kitchen design has undergone a great deal of transformation. Today, kitchen design ideas receive as much, or more significance than the rest of the home. As one of the leading interior designers in Delhi, we have noticed that, unlike before, clients now take interest in the kitchen design as well.

At MADS Creations, we have been creating beautiful and inspiring kitchen interiors that have found a place in leading magazines. From kitchen tiles design to smart implementation of modular kitchen and cabinet design, to kitchen lighting, every element needs careful planning and attention to detail to introduce a luxurious vibe. Apart from creating a seamless look with elegant materials and colour palettes, we include features like the kitchen island and breakfast table to evoke a stylish and convivial vibe.

Here we compile five basic ideas to design a modern luxe kitchen

1. Create a clutter-free, clean look

Clutter free kitchen
Clutter free kitchen

With so much going on in the kitchen, it is important to focus on designing a well-organised and clutter-free space. 

  • By choosing a clean-line design and creating ample storage for all your utensils, pantry items and appliances, you can put away all the stuff out of sight to achieve a neat space. 
  • Also, a neutral colour palette allows you to evoke a modern vibe. White, grey, beige and brown are popular base palettes that let you to play with accent shades, and touches of gold or silver to introduce a sophisticated vibe.

2. Well-planned modular design

Well planned modular design
Well planned modular design

The advent of modular storage has changed modern kitchen design forever. Modular design helps you to use the space optimally and with great ease, while also ensuring a seamless look.

  • You can create a neat kitchen with smart storage that hides all your appliances and implements. 
  • A diverse array of pull-out drawers, baskets, cutlery holders, and a combination of corner and tall units offer a huge amount of clever storage space. 

Choose materials carefully for the cabinet fronts for a stylish and refined look.

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3. Selection of counter top and flooring 

Counter top and flooring
Counter top and flooring

A gleaming counter top adds an attractive feature to your modern kitchen design, and lends it a luxury look. Combined with the flooring and dado, it forms the main feature of a kitchen. Make sure that they complement each other for a harmonious appeal.

  •  From marble, granite, Corian, quartz, stainless steel to wood, there are many options to consider. 
  • Similarly, the flooring needs to be selected with care as the kitchen comes under a lot of heavy use. A strong material like granite or marble is preferred, though wood is also being used extensively these days. 
  • Kitchen tiles design or dado is another feature that has a strong bearing on the vibrancy of the space. There are a great variety of kitchen tiles to choose from – ceramic tiles with a wide range of designs from textural to floral to geometric, mirror tiles, wood-finish tiles, glass tiles, metal tiles, etc. Make sure to select the tiles keeping the other colours, textures and patterns in the mix. 

4. Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting
Kitchen lighting

As in every space, kitchen lighting plays an important role in imparting a charming look, and you will need a layered approach to add depth, functionality and interest.

  • From functional lights to ceiling lights, chandeliers to hidden lights that illuminate the cabinets and counters adding a magical touch to the scheme, there are many kinds of lights that you need to employ to complete the picture. 
  • A chandelier or pendant light over the breakfast table or island instantly adds a sense of luxury, and is one of the main features of modern kitchen design. Under-the-cabinet lights cast brightness on the counter wherever you need. 

5. Make it lively with accessories

Kitchen accessories
Kitchen accessories

Modern kitchen design is incomplete without a sprinkling of accessories. They help you add colour, texture and freshness to the scheme.

  • Beautiful spice dispensers, knife holders, cutlery holders, coffee mug holders, glassware can be used to style the counter top.
  • Adding a rug evokes a cosy and colourful environment. 
  • Showcase recipe books attractively to create a design element.
  • And don’t forget to bring flowers, floral arrangements and plants into the kitchen for a fresh and lively atmosphere.

If space permits, you can also set up a small workstation with a table lamp at the breakfast table.

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