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This Dlf Apartment in Gurgaon by MADS Creations Speaks of Modern Luxury

Dlf Apartmnet in Gurgaon by MADS Creations

We are happy to present to you this dlf apartment we have completed recently. This modern luxury apartment was for a young couple, who wanted a sumptuously appointed home with opulent touches, but not overbearing in terms of colours. We chose a neutral palette with rich textural play and hints of trendy colours to pepper the décor. As one of the leading residential interior designers in Gurgaon, all our creative thinking is directed towards offering the clients just what they want, with the value addition of thoughtful design, aesthetics and functionality.
So what you see is serene environments accented with artworks, hand-picked accessories and golden touches to introduce a distinctive personality to this dlf apartment.

Dlf Apartments | MADS Creations
Dlf Apartments

Spread over 2,800-sqft space, the luxurious four-bedroom apartment is located in DLF 4, Gurgaon. We converted one of the bedrooms into a TV lounge and also broke down walls to expand the area. With its unusual linear living-dining space, this dlf apartment offered opportunities to create the on-trend open-plan layout.

As you step into the central area of the home from the foyer, you are welcomed by the living-dining space. Next to the living is the kitchen custom designed by us to create a sleek and clean look using a neutral colour palette.

Expansive living areas:

The free-flowing living-dining spaces of this dlf apartment are partially divided with metal screens in such a way that you can have a clear view of the entire home in one go. Two distinctive clusters of seating divide the living area. Conceived in a neutral backdrop, the living room design comes alive with textural play and hints of soothing blue and warm gold. A statement making coffee table comprising two components in contrasting black and gold adds a bold touch. The second living space next to the dining area is a more informal space done up in muted brown and blue tones. Custom designed furniture pieces from MADS Creations allow us to add well-balanced contours and colours to bring serenity to the space.

living areas | MADS Creations
Expansive living areas

Elegant dining space:

Clean, linear moldings add a studied elegance to the dining space perched on a slightly elevated area. A decorative ceiling and a bespoke lighting fixture hold together the dining table and comfortable chairs with quilted upholstery. A vibrant artwork adds colour, while a beautiful console with gold accents brings much style, and metal screen finished in gold creates partial privacy. You can glean many tips for decorating a dining room from here!

Dining space | MADS Creations
Elegant dining space
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Restful bedrooms:

All the three bedrooms are conceived in sober beige hues, yet showcasing a theme of their own in terms of experimentation with materials and textures. The master bedroom of this dlf apartment is located next to the lounge with a connection to the balcony. Done up in warm tones of beige and brown, it exudes calmness with subtle hints of cooling blue.
Located in the front side of the home, the other two bedrooms too ooze a sophisticated calming air with a beige canvas as the backdrop and pops of brightness in the form of accent chairs and wall art. The bigger bedroom also has a connected wardrobe area and dresser next to the washroom. The bedroom interior design ideas are focused on creating restful and relaxing environments. The smallest of all rooms is also the coziest in this dlf apartment.

Bedrooms | MADS Creations
Restful bedrooms

Gorgeous lounge and bar:

With its dazzling features, the bar, located opposite the kitchen, is the most loved spot of the home. A jazzy modern light adds the much-needed razzmatazz to this elegant dlf apartment. The chic bar stools, geometric bar counter and the beautifully lit shelves come together to raise the style quotient of the bar. Adjoining the bar is the family lounge, most inviting with its relaxed air and comfortable seating. A metal partition with intricate detailing offers discreet separation from the bar. Layered textures and striking contrasts ensure that the lounge and bar design makes an impact. The desired effect could be easily achieved with our capability to custom design all furniture and fabrications.

Lounge and bar | MADS Creations
Gorgeous lounge and bar

Luxurious washrooms and wardrobes:

Exotic stones used attractively with gold accents and abstract inlay flooring set charming backdrops to the luxurious bathrooms. Features like custom created mirrors and faucets suspended from ceiling add to the unique aesthetics of the washroom interiors of this dlf apartment.

Clean lines and the finest quality materials used in the wardrobes bring a sophisticated vibe. With highly personalized space planning and organization, the wardrobe interior ideas work towards offering systematic storing solutions to clients. This is a great value addition to keep the home clean and clutter-free in order to enhance its beauty. And we thank our custom manufacturing capability for this.

Luxurious washrooms and wardrobes
Luxurious washrooms and wardrobes
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