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Warm Colours for the Bedroom in Winter

warm colours for the bedroom

Winter is a season to cherish; it is a season to bring warmth in relationships; it is a season to celebrate the togetherness of family and friends at home. And what makes winter more special are the Christmas celebrations and New Year Welcome. So, how you style your home and make it feel warm in winter is something that matters a lot. Let’s start with choosing warm colours for the bedroom. Here we go!

Salmon + Rose

This combination is heart-stealing. Choose this colour palette for your walls, window treatments and draperies, salmon and rose pink shade just look awesome in a bedroom and provide the subtle warmth as well. The combination of dusty taupe and whispers of rose perfectly creates the sense of intimacy that’s pretty much required for a master bedroom. The lighting should be as calm as beautiful as this colour duo is.

Rusty Glow

The shades of rust are well known for their warmth and hence are the best warm colours for the bedroom. Either grace your room with draperies and walls in maroons, reds, rusty brown and reds, or get some earthy tones of pottery as pieces of decoration. A detailed, colourful, big painting of nature on the wall (but not highlighting the cool shades) will fit the decor. Don’t forget to add dim yellow lighting for a final touch.

Baby Pink and Grey

This reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast. The boredom of grey gets a lift up when it is combined with the lifelike, blushy pink. Utilise these colours in your bedroom in bed sheets, decor, or as a wall, paint to get the soothing, warm ambience. This combination is kind of romantic at its own so, try playing with layers, ruffles, rugs and draperies in the same palette and greenery for a balanced look. Pink and grey combination is a good choice for a room having enough day lighting. The lights should be white at night for a bedroom with pink and grey walls.

Harvest Browns

The sophisticated hues of harvest browns include golden, copper, beige, caramel, and more. You have plenty of colours to select for your bedroom if you go for this colour palette particularly. It is pretty much of Indian style. Combine these colours with creamy off-white decor and flowers and voila, you are done! You need perfect lighting when you are using harvest brown shades on the walls.

Since these, all are warm shades, but these also need to be teamed up with a little green here and there for a balanced look. Winters are not just about neutral shades. We hope these tips will help you spread some colours around to bring some life to your bedroom. Do tell us how these worked for you in the comment box below or mail us at for any query in your mind.

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