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How to Decorate Drawing Room in Indian Style ?

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Before we move on to various Indian styles of decorating drawing room aka living room, we believe one must be first aware of the idea, the necessity, and the soul behind building up a drawing room in a house.

India is known for its vibrant styles of decoration, and the richness can be seen in textile, handicrafts, antiques, royal glory, and the mix of regional culture. There is something so classy about a decorate drawing room in Indian style that it captivates anyone in one go. This is one of the main reasons why many five stars and seven-star hotels in India and abroad even opt Indian decoration style to attract visitors, and it really works. So, if you are planning to get your drawing room in an Indian style, here’s how you can get started.

In earlier centuries, a drawing room was just a withdrawing room or chamber where ladies used to gather after dinner when men of the house were having their wine and smoke.


Ethnic Elegance

The key to keeping ethnic elegance in Indian style drawing room is – rich colour and texture. Walls painted in deep reds, orange, yellow and browns combined with light pastels can really lift up the ethnic elegance that’s desired for an Indian style drawing room. What puts in glamour are the arches and intricate wooden works. A little bit of copper and golden texture can complete the look of ethnic elegance.



The Royal Chamber

If space allows, turn your drawing room into a royal chamber by importing a beautiful chandelier. Some amazing marble statues and pottery can also bring the royal accent to the drawing room.


Antique Glamour

Indian decor is rich in colours and antique glamour, so you will find plenty of things in India to decorate drawing room. Start from an antique spread and move towards patchwork pillows, antique decorative accents for a coffee table and across the drawing room.

Textile Glory

India is well known across the world for its fabulous range of textiles, which include fine silks as well. You can incorporate finely designed, tie and ie, or handcrafted fabrics in curtains and cushions to evoke the Indian beauty. Don’t hesitate in adding colours to the room with a beautiful rug or a hand-woven carpet.

Keeping it Fancy

Try out putting up a swing also called as jhoola in Hindi, to give an Indian essence to the drawing room. These interior swings can be made of wooden, cane, or metal. Bold fabrics on these jhoolas give a vibrant look to the drawing room and are really enjoyable as well.


The Regional Bliss

India is rich in cultures and traditions which change at every 2 miles. Figure out what’s widely used in your region in India and implement something interesting in your drawing room as well. You can use finely decorated charpoys; functional or non-functional hookahs, big utensils turned as decorative items, or even ropes around frames of photographs to give a proper desi-look.

You know what the best thing about a drawing room is? Yes, you guessed it right; they put up friends and family together. People spend some of the most amazing moments of togetherness in drawing rooms and this is the reason why so much importance is given in decorating this main part of the home. In India, where most of the population likes living in joint families, a drawing room plays a vital role in getting every member together. Hence, giving a subtle attention how to decorate drawing room is something it deserves.

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