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Quick New Year Decoration Ideas

Quick New Year Decoration Ideas

Those who just hosted a Christmas Party must be feeling exhausted. You must have utilised every inch of your house in decorating beautifully for Christmas and now looking out for some quick New Year decoration ideas to welcome the coming year with happiness and cheer. But that doesn’t mean that you need to work so hard again and redo everything for a new theme. MADS Creations, one of the leading interior designers of Delhi NCR, is here to share some amazing New Year decoration ideas that will blend your holiday decor with New Year party theme. Check this out!

Spread the Light on Door

Spread the Light on Door

Make sure that you have enoughzz of lighting at the door, be it coloured, decorative or just yellow, to let the guests initiate the New Year enthusiasm from the door itself. Try outputting awesome welcoming quotes that are handcrafted or you can buy them online as well.

empty bottle decoration ideas

Decorate those Empty Bottles

You might be ended up with a number of wine or champagne bottles on Christmas party. Utilise them as your New Year decor by putting a golden spray on it and tying beautiful ribbons and writing the coming year on them. Put them on the dining table, at the fireplace, or any other area of your choice. Quick and easy! Cool, isn’t it!!

The other idea is to fill up those bottles with different coloured lights for a more amazing effect.


New Year Resolution Tree as Centrepiece

It’s time to use the golden spray once again, but this time on those dried branches that you used as Christmas decoration. Use any jar that you used in flower decoration for Christmas and put the golden branch in it. Decorate the jar with any of the Christmas decorations but in a different manner.

Cut out some pieces of coloured paper and paste a thread to it. These cards will be used to write New Year resolutions when you all will get together and then these cards will be tied to that golden New Year resolution tree. Interesting haan!!


Use Spirals and Sparkles

Try using spirals and sparkles to vitalise the last brumal night of the year.  This helps in creating the blissful aura in the home. Use them on candles, party caps, wine and champagne glasses, but don’t overdo it. Golden and silver ribbons are really helpful in New Year decoration ideas, so you can utilise them as well in case you don’t want too much of sparkling effect.

You can also buy a sequin wall decor or a mirror ball to add a disco effect to your bedroom. Utilise your old shimmer shawls and scarves for decorating doors and blank walls.

The Fireplace idea

The Fireplace

Don’t forget to arrange for some warmers or heaters, or make sure your fireplace has all the essentials and is in working condition just in case you experience a frore night at the New Year. You need not remove those big and costly Christmas wreaths and garlands if you want. Just remove access of Christmas decors like ornaments, stars, Christmas socks, candles, or any toy stuff.

If you have a fireplace in your living room or at the hall where all your family and friends will be gathered, then you can make it the centre of attraction by putting a wall clock on it and decorating it wisely, because everyone’s eyes would be on the clock when they will start ticking the countdown for the New Year.

We hope these quick New Year decoration ideas will help you celebrate the coming year in a more delightful and fun way without causing aches in your head or legs. Keep visiting MADS Creations, as there’s much more to explore in the world of interior designing.

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