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Transforming Spaces: How Amaryllis Apartment Elevates Interior Design

Have you ever imagined transforming your ordinary foyer area into a stunning, beautiful space? It may appear to be a farfetched idea, yet a touch of well-placed luxury can do wonders. At Amaryllis Apartment, we recently completed a compelling home makeover project, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. Discover how this plain foyer area became a showstopper as we elevate it into a stunning glam luxurious abode. A space crafted by MADS Creations, the Amaryllis Apartment shatters the conventional mould of what a foyer area can be. With the airy elegance and clever usage of neutral colours, this space exudes a canvas for a life exquisitely designed. 

Have a look at some powerful insights from the maestro herself, Meenu Agarwal, Founder-Principal Designer at MADS Creations, one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon. Every project turns into a resounding success story with her expertise and the homeowners rediscover the joy of living within the luxurious walls.

A space that speaks grandeur

A foyer area we worked on sparks beauty and luxury, all at once exuding a sense of polished grandeur. The wide open space looks attractive under the canopy of beautiful stone-style chandelier. The two velvety plush chairs on one side portrays a corner of luxury amidst the open space inviting personal conversations or moments of calm seclusion. Along with it we have a side table, a dependable companion, stands ready to hold a pleasant beverage or a mesmerising novel. 

The space then gently expands beyond this division, as shown by another ethereal partition. This transparent barrier, embellished with a shining gold frame, gently defines a separate zone for your guests. This allows the foyer area to communicate with the rest of your home, creating a sense of continuity.

However, the story does not finish here. Another area of the room is enhanced by a dramatic glass divider embellished with delicate golden frames, which provides a tantalising view into the next space while remaining private and elegant. It serves as a doorway, enticing visitors to learn about the fascinating mysteries concealed throughout the remainder of your house while preserving a pleasant air of surprise.

The roof turns into a stage for an enthralling show to further enhance the ambience. A sense of fanciful grandeur is added by the dazzling gold and verdant green hanging adornments carefully chosen as the home decor for the Amaryllis that dance in the light, creating delightful shadows. These thoughtfully chosen components offer a visual interest layer without overpowering the overall impression of clean sophistication.

A wall of conversation
A large black and white piece of artwork beautifully dominates the wall on one side. This masterpiece image of a horse caught in action evokes raw energy and untamed grace. This centrepiece becomes the focal point of the space, attracting guests and sparking lively conversations about what’s visible and what’s hidden to the eye. The artwork’s black and white drama sparks spirited discussions about art, photography, and even the majesty of beautiful creatures, horses, themselves. 

A custom-crafted table lies beneath this stunning artwork, adorning an array of precisely picked showpieces and elegant candle stands, each with its own distinct charm and intrigue.

The juxtaposition of black and white artwork and the chosen display on the customised table creates a compelling contrast. Light and dark, powerful and delicate, these elements blend together to offer visual richness to the overall room. The broad space with classy marble design base leaves the possibility of endless interpretations for the people looking at the artwork. The art prevails is what this luxury experience conveys through this entire space. The broad arrangement guarantees that this visual showcase is never overwhelming, but rather a tantalising invitation to discover more.

Colours that reflect class

Every feature in this stunning foyer area complements one another to create an environment of unrivalled elegance and class. The area is bathed in natural light that streams through its large windows, giving it a brilliant glow that emphasises its grandeur and magnificence. What’s interesting here is that the absence of constraining walls and separators increases the room’s perception of spaciousness, allowing for unimpeded movement and easy mobility between the lengths of this luxury stretch. 

The colour palette, here, is soothingly pleasing to the eye. The small and subtle yellow lights at the white ceiling brings up the element of classy vision and modern interiors. Each detail in this foyer area, be it the grey glass adjoining the stairs, or off-white textures of the sleek couches, or the elegant yet strong subtle golden room separators. Every element has been carefully selected to generate a sense of timeless beauty and modern luxury, making it the pinnacle of exquisite living.


Amaryllis Apartment exemplifies the power of teamwork. The homeowner and the designers at MADS Creations collaborated to create a space that is both breathtakingly gorgeous and effortlessly liveable.

Is your own foyer area yearning for a similar transformation? Discover hidden possibilities to elevate your home space to a luxurious abode. MADS Creations modify the ordinary spaces to your very own dream home, just like we offered at Amaryllis interior design services. Let’s explore the opportunities of working our magic in turning your property into a stunning masterpiece of luxury living.

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