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Kid’s Room Interior: Unity The Amaryllis

Tired of generic bedrooms that fail to ignite your child’s imagination? Let MADS Creations transport you to Unity The Amaryllis in Karol Bagh, a kid’s room interior overflowing with magic and sophistication. This fascinating space, tucked in the heart of Delhi, goes beyond conventional bricks and mortar, blossoming into a playground for boundless dreams and endless adventure. MADS Creations equally recognises the importance of safety and practicality. Child-friendly furniture with rounded edges allows for safe and enjoyable exploration, while ample storage solutions keep things organised and clutter-free.

Step inside and be greeted by a symphony of soft hues and whimsical details. From the bed to the sun-lit bright balcony, every element invites snuggles, laughter, and adventures. The neutral colour palette acts as a blank canvas, ready to adapt to your child’s evolving personality and interests, ensuring their room grows alongside them.

Whimsical touches

The bed, embellished with fancy lights, is definitely a treat to eyes, transforming into a lovely flower worthy of a fairytale. The floral-patterned back bed is more than just a design element, it’s a call to adventure. Each bloom is a portal into a world of fantasy, where aesthetic lights flit among the petals and butterflies chases the sunbeams. The neutral drapes serve as a soft backdrop, allowing the floral whimsy to take centre stage without overwhelming the eyes.

When you walk into this room, the first thing you notice is a sense of calm and comfort. Forget rough edges and chilly surfaces; here, comfort reigns supreme. But comfort isn’t limited to the bed. Look around and you’ll notice an abundance of soft cushions dispersed like fluffy clouds, welcoming snuggles and giggles. Imagine fort-building adventures and pillow wars, with each throw leaving a memory as warm and fluffy as the pillows themselves.

Nature’s influence

Nature doesn’t just peek into this room; it whispers secrets in every aspect. Allow your sight to wander, and you’ll notice floral patterns growing throughout the back bed, a reflection of the bright flower. But nature’s effect does not end there. The sun-kissed balcony, with little pots brimming with life, is the cherry on top. Children may see the enchantment of nature firsthand by caring tiny seedlings and seeing them grow into colourful blooms. It’s a hands-on learning experience, a gentle reminder that wonder and growth can occur anywhere, including the heart of a city apartment.

The woven rug underfoot provides a hint of rustic warmth. Its rough surface is a treat for bare feet, ideal for recreational adventures or languid hours spent reading comic books. It’s like stepping on a gigantic hug, providing a touch of natural comfort while grounding the room’s quirkiness.

Bathtime magic

While the main room embraces whimsy and comfort, the bathroom takes a different approach, showcasing a touch of sophistication and minimalist magic. The sleek black walls adorned with a subtle marble print create a dramatic yet elegant backdrop. This boldness is balanced by the contrasting marble print flooring, its lighter tones offering a sense of spaciousness and visual interest. A touch of opulence shines through in the gold accents, adorning the faucet, showerhead, drawer knobs and even the borders of the glass partitions.

Functionality is key in any child’s bathroom, and this design doesn’t disappoint. Ample storage solutions, like built-in shelves and cabinets, keep clutter at bay, while low-maintenance materials ensure easy cleaning. Within the shower, black marble tiles maintain their dominance, their cool surface contrasting well with the warm glow of the gold shower head.
However, the most notable aspect of this design is its ingenious utilisation of space. A translucent mirror wall separates the wet and dry areas, giving the space a sense of openness while keeping the water from the shower confined. The transition from dry to wet is smooth and appealing offering both usefulness and aesthetic value. Moreover, this artistic addition provides both a wonderful bathing experience and a sparkling vanity space, ideal for starting the day in style.


The Amaryllis project has been designed with the utmost attention to detail that distinguishes our unique style, perfectly integrating fun and sophisticated aspects. For us, creating a setting that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical is what defines luxury, not just about going overboard. We smoothly integrate smart design with whimsical aspects, instilling a sense of surprise and excitement without sacrificing safety or functionality. Custom furniture and a neutral colour palette provide easy customisation, ensuring that the room reflects their changing personality and interests. If you’re seeking a luxury interior designer in Gurgaon who can create a space that’s both magical and practical, MADS Creations could your ultimate choice! So, skip the Pinterest boards and endless searching. Get expert guidance on designing a room that your child will love. Contact us today!

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