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Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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Explore Our Recent Modern Penthouse Interiors: The Amaryllis

Explore Our Most Recent Modern Apartment

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Home is an extension to our desires, and MADS Creations is a pioneer in outlining such dreams. The interior designing company has time and again delivered the best in class projects. With a plethora of modern luxury apartments designed by them, it is only suitable to reach out to the top interior designer in Delhi for lavish apartment interior design ideas.

Dishing out over-the-top opulence with subtlety and panache is an art deftly mastered by Meenu Agarwal, Founder and Principal Designer of MADS Creations. With its extravagant luxury, lavish and striking design features, this modern apartment interior is a testimony to that. While the hedonistic character reflects the lifestyle of a family that loves living life large and entertaining, it bears the signature style of its designer Meenu Agarwal as well; an ideal situation where the client and the designer are in perfect sync.

Modern Penthouse Interiors
Modern Penthouse Interiors

Spread across 5600 sq. ft., the house interiors of this penthouse triplex featured metal screens in modern design with gold finish for the expansive spaces, spectacular giant chandeliers in gold finish add a regal note, exotic marbles, scaled up design features, rich paneling, lavish sofas and high-gloss surfaces create a luxurious space. Custom-created artworks, sculptures and accessories lend an exclusive look.

While designing apartments which are raw, it gets challenging to determine the mood of the space. While Meenu believes in going all out with brand language of opulence and catering a grandeur affair of interiors to clients, she suggests that floor-to-ceiling windows dressed with rich drapery in neutral shades adds a grand, palatial note to the interiors. Experiment with new contours, bold colours and styles for the home furniture pieces also evoke a unique appeal in modern apartment interiors. A statement armchair can offer a distinctive look, so do signature coffee tables and consoles, and the numerous accent chairs scattered around the house and decor accents like candelabras, lamps, art and sculptures, mirrors etc.

Penthouse Triplex
Penthouse Triplex

The penthouse triplex is equipped with the luxe elegance of design elements. The elegant seating area in the lobby can feature a wooden paneling, modern molding and hand-picked modern painting.

The enormous living-dining space can be fitted with lavish sofas and loungers arranged in clusters. The modern bedrooms are furnished with curvy elements in furniture and ceiling and rich paneling to evoke a soft and cozy vibe.

In modern apartment interiors, metal detailing in gold finish on veneer paneling and door, home decor like custom-created artworks and hand-picked accessories like the glossy, sculptural pots add the most unique and nuanced touches. 

However, with the raw spaces, there’s no limit to the imagination. As there are no defining boundaries, interior designers have the luxury to extend their thoughts and put it across with the client. All in all, an all-inclusive, richly decorated haven to live, play and entertain can be carved out nicely. But, it can go the other way round as well.

The Amaryllis Interiors
The Amaryllis Penthouse Interiors

Having designed a lot of modern apartment interiors, Meenu Agarwal has her thoughts aligned when it comes to designing a raw space. Read on to know the pros and cons of designing such spaces.


  • There’s no need for demolition as it is a blank canvas, which gives the freedom of painting it in your own way. High ceilings and non-defining boundaries can make the home look more spacious.
  • It is easier to create a free flowing space when there is a continuity in design. A similar flooring can run through the space giving it a grand appeal. The space looks together with similar elements.
  • Another advantage is the flexibility in the furniture layout. It can be customized, and periodically arranged as per the layout or occasion.
  • The open spaces bring the element of being multi-functional. As a designer, we have the freedom to play with the space.
  • Without interior walls, it is much easier to create a brighter and well ventilated house, as the fresh air and natural light is not blocked or molded by the walls.


  • From bare minimum to maximal opulence is what an interior designer would like to go about the space. And while the language can vary accordingly, the biggest challenge remains the clarity of thoughts and to get it in sync with the client.
  • Lots of last minute changes is another con of designing such spaces. As the space has the luxury of non-defined areas, there remains a possibility of changing layouts till the last minute.
  • With no internal walls, there may be an increase in the cooling and heating costs of the house as the entire space needs to be air-conditioned. Containing heat or cool air in a single room is fairly easy but to regulate temperatures in larger spaces is typically more difficult.
  • With less to no interior walls, designers are bound to introduce partitions to define the zones, and that means one cannot capitalize on the benefits of having wall decor, frames or art.
  • The other con is that there is an additional cost to invest in decor pieces in order to define the zones of the spaces.
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