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Top ten elements to stylize your home with serenity

Stylize your home with serenity

The very definition of home is comfort, calm and serenity that take away the stress of everyday life and bring peace to its inhabitants. In these times rife with uncertainty, we are seeking serenity everywhere around us. And of course, within our homes also.  That’s where we spend most of our time now. Today, more than ever we are looking for relaxing home décor ideas, as we know that interiors play a great role in creating a tranquil and relaxing mood.

A serene space soothes the nerves and relaxes you and recharges for another day. So it is important to go for calming home décor ideas. We looked at the work of home interior designers that are known for their beautiful, soothing spaces to understand how to stylize your home with serenity. Whatever your lifestyle, you can style your interiors to inject a sense of peace and tranquility.

1. Spacious interiors

Expansive spaces have a way of making us feel good and expansive ourselves. They have an elevating air, and they fill us with a feeling of being in a serene and luxurious environment. So let your interiors flow freely to create a spacious, tranquil feeling. Open up a few walls if you need to or get rid of heavy furniture pieces, or simply rearrange them in a way you create an open and light vibe. And employ peaceful living room décorating ideas for a truly enhanced sense of space.

Spacious interiors

2. Connecting indoors and outdoors

There is nothing better than nature therapy in these troubled times. Let the windows and balconies bring in the outdoors into the home. Get enough sunlight and greenery, keep the curtains light and breezy and billowing for an airy feeling. Large glazing helps you create picture windows that showcase verdant exteriors for a refreshing feeling all through the year.

3. A calming colour palette

Colours help you introduce the desired moods in a space. Using them intelligently in collaboration with serene home décor elements can create peaceful spaces. Neutrals and pastels offer a soothing feeling. The family of shades in beige, grey, white, taupe are great for background palette. Pastels from the green, blue, pink range also work well. Curtains and upholstery also could be in these colours. You could then add bursts of bright shades through statement furniture pieces, artworks, accessories, cushions, etc.

Calming color palette

4. Designated spaces

Marking out spaces into zones for different activities allows you to arrange your furniture and related paraphernalia accordingly for a streamlined look. So designate spaces for every work and activity, as well as for things, so that they go back in the right place and do not cause unnecessary busy look, which hampers the tranquil vibe you are trying to evoke.

5. Conquer the clutter

When you are working towards creating a serene space, the main thing to do is to do away with clutter and use tranquil home décor pieces. Get rid of any piece of furniture or accessory that you don’t need in a space or enjoy any more. Even when accessorizing, less is more should be the philosophy. Too many things, even if they are beautiful individually, don’t add to the stylizing of a serene space. For an accessory / article to make an impact, it needs enough space to stand out. Let it not vie for attention among many things.

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6. Good lighting

When it comes to a serene environment, lighting is another major aspect that makes or mars a space. Carefully planned lights help you introduce a calming vibe. A soft glow without shadows in a space calls for a layered approach using ambient lighting, cove lights, recessed ceiling lights, floor and table lamps, etc. By choosing lights that complement the space, you can stylize your space beautifully.  


7. Sensorial surroundings

Since spaces have the power to affect the minds and souls of the people who walk into them, it’s important to create environments that touch all your senses and offer an experiential feeling. A feeling of calm is possible when the peaceful home décor touches all your senses softly and leaves you with a feeling of calm and elation.

8. Add greenery

No space is complete without the presence of live greenery. Their refreshing presence is essential to impart serenity to your space. They are also good air purifiers, and inject positivity and natural energy into your home. The best part is, today a whole lot of houseplants in eye-catching shapes are available with attractive planters. With their sculptural presence, they can be the best things that bring peace at home.

9. Creating wellness spaces

As we spend more time indoors today, the home also doubles up as a wellness zone. For long now, bathrooms have been conceived as wellness areas within the home with a calming atmosphere that tends to slow you down and work on your nerves to ease the tension of the day. A spa-like vibe can be evoked with soft glowing candles and recessed lights.
Similarly, the bedroom can also be conceived in pastel hues to bring a peaceful vibe.

10. Strike a balance

There is no serenity without a balance of all elements involved in the styling of your space. Weigh everything carefully before you make it a part of your interiors. Serenity comes from unhurried design, so give your design scheme a good thought, visualize well before bringing it all together. Then, step back and watch critically, add or take away accessories for a balanced and harmonious appeal.After consulting some of the best interior designers, this is what we have learnt – stylizing your home to achieve serenity requires a few fundamental tweaks. But it is not difficult. If you can’t change the colour palette, you can always bring in a calming vibe by following other steps like opening up the space, de-cluttering, adding greenery and striking a balance with all décor elements, and employing a thoughtful lighting plan.

Strike a balance

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