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8 tips to bring luxury into your home with these easy ways

We all covet a luxurious home that comes with a sense of privilege and elation. It is an indication of an elevated lifestyle full of high-end features, exclusive design elements and exquisite style. It’s a space that makes you feel special when you step into it. But what constitutes a luxury home, and how to achieve it?

We looked at the work of a few residential interior designers in Gurgaon to come up with a list that is sure to bring luxury into your home.


1. Create a sense of expansiveness

Expansive space

Large open spaces that flow freely create a sense of luxury. Open-plan spaces, large windows and glazing that help extend the interiors into the exterior seamlessly, floor to ceiling curtains… there are many ways to add a feeling of expansiveness. Open up spaces by either breaking down walls or just by rearranging furniture. In large areas, create various zones with multiple seating clusters or by using stylish screens to partially create privacy while allowing the space to flow fluidly. Choose furniture pieces proportionate to the area so that they don’t make the space seem small. Also, make sure the room stays clutter-free by creating enough storage and doing away with unnecessary, outdated stuff.

A neutral or pastel palette helps to evoke a calm and expansive feeling. Using mirrors and glossy surfaces, you could further enhance space visually.


2. Superior materials

Superior materials

Nothing can match the richness and opulence brought in by fine materials like marbles, solid wood, velvets, silks, leather, mirror and sumptuous carpets. For example, invest in superior materials for key, eye-catching features like sofa or accent chairs or coffee table. Some times just adding cushions and other accessories made of fine natural materials could add that touch of luxury.


3. A mix of furniture

A mix of furniture

An eclectic range of furniture pieces showcasing exclusive styles, forms and contours indicate that much thought has gone into the selection and mixing of the furnishings. It is an indication of your refined taste in things. So go ahead and make a statement with your furniture pieces. A good eye for balancing is essential though. If you can’t overhaul the entire furniture set-up, add a bold accent chair or a gorgeous coffee table, or get your old sofa upholstered in the latest fabric.


4. Let luxe accents shine

luxe accents shine

One of the quickest ways to add luxurious notes to a space is by adding luxe accents like glossy surfaces, gleaming metallics, gold finishes, high quality ceramics, glass or mirror. Go for fun and quirky accessories in gold finish, custom-made space divider screens coated in gold, and furniture with metallic accents. A coffee table made of mirrors, or a gleaming marble top table with gold base take the luxury quotient of the space many notches higher.


5. Personalise the space

Personalise the space

Luxury is all about exclusivity. What can be more exclusive than a space that reflects the personality of its owners? Custom-made paintings, wall art, sculptures, hand-picked accessories, a gallery of personal photographs and holiday mementos arranged in a funky manner, all help you showcase your personality in a quick and easy manner. Upcycle family heirlooms, antiques and rare finds to add a unique character.


6. Add statement lights

statement lights

One of the most spectacular elements in a space is the lights. Make a statement with enchanting chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps. Creating a layered lighting also adds a dreamy look to a space that is the base of any luxuriously laid out space. Take chandeliers to the kitchen, powder room and even bathrooms, and see how they transform the spaces.


7. Bedroom and bathroom updates

A bedroom with a lounge space to relax and catch your favourite TV show, and an en suite bathroom with walk-in closet and dresser – now that’s sure-fire luxury. But you need space to create it. In case of space constraints, pay attention to the bed and other furniture. Create a calming space with pastel shades in diverse textures. Add bedside lamps or wall sconces, chandeliers and paintings to bring in colour and vibrancy.

Bathrooms too can do with mood lighting to evoke a spa-like vibe. If nothing much ca n be done about the flooring and walls, go for carpets, wallpapers, mirrors to add interest. A few select accessories and plants can evoke a stylish environment.


8. Decorate with plants

Potted plants with their exotic foliage and sculpture-like appearance not only show your love for nature, but are also highly decorative. Playing around with pots, planters and vases allows you to add captivating shapes, forms and textures.


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