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The Best Materials for Durable and Stylish Furniture

Durable Furniture Materials

Technology and innovation have revolutionised every sphere of home interior design, including the materials that we use for furniture making. As a result, there are a great number of furniture materials before designers and homeowners to choose from for the designs they have in mind. Traditionally, only naturally available materials like wood, stones, leathers and metals were used for home furniture. However, with the advent of particle and engineered wood, the way we once relied on solid wood changed forever. Then came surface treatments like laminates, veneers, etc, totally transforming the home furniture scene. These man-made materials are often sustainable options, and democratise design as you can get the natural look of stone or leather, using veneer.

The mind-boggling array of materials can pose a problem in making up one’s mind. However, depending on the type of furniture, the style and the budget you have in mind, you can choose suitable materials. For example, for upholstered sofa and chairs, you can use MDF, while the base of a dining table will require something more sturdy like solid wood or metal. Since furniture is not something you can replace every now and then, durability and long-time benefits are also important considerations.

As leading interior designers in Gurgaon, who also conceive, design and manufacture all furniture pieces in-house for our projects, MADS Creations experiments with a whole lot of furniture materials old and new.

Here we bring some insights into the latest furniture materials and tips to choose them.

1. Wood

Wooden furniture
Wooden Furniture

One of the oldest materials used for furniture making, wood continues to be a popular choice for the unique character and durability it offers. Woodwork is an ancient craft that has attained artistic dimension as it can be molded into enticing designs and can be embellished with intricate carvings and inlays. Many generational craftspeople continue to practice the art while adapting to modern times. Wooden furniture is strong and last long. As it can be refurbished periodically to make it look new, and can be recycled many times, it is a sustainable option. Wooden furniture is an investment for the future. Today there are plywood and MDF that can be used in its place, especially as internal furniture material, since they can be cushioned and upholstered to achieve sleek sofas and chairs. However, when it comes to non-upholstered furniture, solid wood continues to gain respect from designers and home owners.

2. Metal / Steel

Metal Furniture
Metal Furniture

Mostly used for furniture bases, metal can be made to look rich and stylish by applying various finishes like gold, silver, rose gold, etc. As metal can be cast into any shape or cut to achieve intricate patterns, it is very popular in contemporary interiors. Metal is best for giving unique structure to dining / coffee tables or consoles. Brass or antique finished metal adds a beautiful classical tone to your furniture piece. Nickel or charcoal finishes impart a modern sophisticated appeal. And wrought iron brings an industrial or vintage look. Metal is also ideal for creating minimalistic light-weight book shelves and metal screens with a pattern of your choice, giving a distinguished look to your space. We use metal extensively in our interiors to lend a luxe appeal.

Metals are a good option for outdoors as well as they can be made water-proof with enamel paint.

3. Glass

Glass Furniture
Glass Furniture

With its unique ability to be shaped into any form, glass is a versatile furniture material that can be employed in various ways. As tops for dining / coffee tables, it adds a clean and light look. Used for shelves, cabinets and cupboard fronts, it provides transparency and refinement to a space.

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4. Natural Stones

Stone Furniture
Stone Furniture

Nothing matches the opulence and elegance natural stones bring to a dining table or coffee table, or even a side table. They simply elevate the richness of a space. The luscious veins and grains and the exotic shades of natural shades are a luxury that cannot be replaced. So they continue to be hot furniture material for luxury projects. However, these days there are some veneers and tiles that mimic the look. And for the reduced price they come in, they are a good bargain.

5. Veneers

Veneer Furniture
Veneer Furniture

When you want a certain surface treatment for a piece of furniture, look no further than veneers. They come in astounding textures. Wood grains, marble veins, leather appeal, you can get this and many more textures. New inventions in veneer design have transformed the way our furniture designs take shape. The fluted veneer allows a designer to impart beautiful patterns on the surface of cabinets, wardrobes and vanities. It is an external furniture material that allows a designer to truly explore and experiment with new designs.

6. Leather

Leather Furniture
Leather Furniture

The cool quotient leather imparts to furniture pieces is unparalleled. It’s a sturdy and durable furniture material that ages beautifully. As it is pliable, it is a great option for upholstering sofas, chairs poufs. Some contemporary designs even use them to cover study tables and coffee tables, giving them a classy look. Good quality leather is, however, pretty expensive, hence faux leather that looks as luxurious as the real stuff, can be substituted. Faux leathers come in several chic colours, lending a sophisticated appeal to furniture pieces.

7. Textiles

Blended fabrics
Blended Fabrics

When it comes to choosing textiles for upholstering, sky is the limit. From luxurious handlooms that are still sought-after for their exclusive texture, to highly refined woven fabrics, there are a great range of options available. From natural materials like cotton, linen, silk, velvets to synthetic velvets, suedes, polyester, chenille and various other blends, there are countless selections based on the texture, thickness and durability you want. For a sumptuous look, velvets are our go-to materials for upholstering sofas and chairs. Blended fabrics are considered sturdy for upholstering.    

The sheer number of material choices can be daunting for a homeowner. Take advice from your interior designer and select the right materials for your furniture based on the aesthetics and durability you are looking for, and what kind of maintenance they require. If you have kids or pets at home, you may want to choose the furniture material accordingly. So be sure of your requirements and style, before making the choice.

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