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Spring into Style: Decorating Tips for the Season

Spring Decor

Spring is the most joyful time to not just enjoy the salubrious climate, but also for decorating our surroundings as it offers many colourful ideas and tools to play around with. As nature is in full bloom with a riotous variety of flowers, fruits, tender shoots and leaves, there is freshness and fragrance everywhere and the same permeates spring home décor. You can sense renewal and regeneration all around, spurring spontaneous energy and vitality in everyone’s mind. It sure is an inspiring season, and no wonder spring decorating ideas excite everyone. For one, they don’t have to be expensive, secondly, they evolve organically with whatever materials and objects you have on hand.

Traditionally, yellows, oranges, greens, pinks and such bright hues were the natural choices for spring home décor. However, today you can play around with any colours that catch your fancy, including pastels, to bring the spring mood into your homes. You don’t have to go overboard with colours either. Neutral and muted interiors can be enlivened with a burst of vibrant accent shades to achieve a unique minimalist look. They indicate a personal touch to the décor.

Spring decorating is not restricted to indoors. As you will be spending a lot of time outdoors, refurbish yourbalcony, patio, garden, terrace to enjoy some quality time before scorching summer pushes you indoors.

Here we bring a few indoor and outdoor trending spring decor ideas to get you started on a fun exercise.

1. Get a “fresh” start

Fresh Decorating Ideas
Fresh Decorating Ideas

The simplest and most budget-friendly decorating ideas for spring will have to do with all things fresh and seasonal. Bring in a pop of delightful colours using flowers, fruits, plants and indoor trees. Get a variety of them in different sizes and scales so that they add visual interest to the spaces. Flowering plants, floral centerpieces, wreaths, et all, breathe fresh life into mundane atmospheres. 

2. Spruce Up Tabletops

Spruce up table tops
Table top

They are the most visible and eye-catching surfaces. So prep them well for the season. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a few sprays of foliage or a bunch of flowers in a vase on the centre table or side table are enough to add fresh energy to your living room. Style your dining table with china with stunningly intricate design or colourful jars and spires. Sometimes, just a beautiful bowl filled with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables will also do the trick.

Add trending spring colours to your console table by painting the base of an old lamp, or wooden candle holders. Organic shaped vases and pottery, décor pieces with spring motifs like florals and foliage herald the season of joy in subtle and sure ways. Ornamental plants in pretty planters are the easiest spring décor objects you can find. Colourful, sparkling glassware can be used to spruce up your bar cart and bar counter.

3. Peppy Textiles / Wallpapers

Peppy textiles / wallpapers
Peppy Wallpaper

Textiles and wallpapers offer an easy way to transform spaces for any occasion. Textiles are especially versatile as they find many applications in interiors. Fresh flowers aside, floral patterns of all kinds are perennial spring décor favourites. Florals in haunting vintage style or enchanting water colour effect or with bold motifs – there are many options. Create cushions out of them. Go for flowy, dreamy sheers and billowing curtains that indicate the spring breeze wafting through the home. Pull out light-weight rugs or dhurries in happy colours and florals to lift up the springtime living room decor. You can use fabrics to create buntings, bringing in happy tidings. Wallpapers inspired from gardens, botanicals, wildlife, have a way of adding instant spring flavour to your space.  

4. Fun Patterns

Fun Pattern
Fun Pattern

Spring home should boast all kinds of fun patterns to keep the environment looking dynamic and full of vigor. Geometric patterns are symbolic of the effervescent energy of spring. Florals and fauna reaffirm life itself. Layer a range of disparate patterns – stripes, checks and florals to create arresting visuals. These can be brought in through textiles, throw cushions, wallpapers, décor objects and furniture pieces, or even wall art. Put together a few cuttings of various patterns in an eye-catching manner and frame it.

5. Colourful Furniture

Colourful furniture
Colourful furniture

Another best way to add colour to your spring room decoration is through furniture. Going for custom luxury furniture comes to your rescue here. You can upholster a chair in your favourite spring colour or print. Turn an old trunk or wooden box into an attractive coffee table by jazzing it up with paint or using découpage.  

6. Nature-inspired Artworks

Nature-inspired artworks
Nature-Inspired Artworks

What can bring the spring spirit into your homes better than artworks that make a splash of vibrant hues or depict the natural world and its multi-splendorous beauty? Verdant gardens, wildlife, foliage are your go-to themes for paintings. If you are a lover of abstracts, go for works that introduce some peppy colours and dramatic strokes. Decorative vintage wall plates, cane baskets and even your holiday photographs come to your rescue here.

7. Spruce up your Outdoors

Spruce up your Outdoors
Spruce up your Outdoors

It’s the season to enjoy the outdoors. Pay attention to the seating arrangements –comfortable sofa, armchairs, and a dining set if you have the space, will allow you to host get-togethers with family and friends in style. From the classic cane to wrought iron to modern outdoor furniture, there are many options to choose from. See what can lift up the space – maybe you want to paint a few chairs in fresh colours.

8. Outdoor Textiles

When you need quick fixes, textiles are your go-to tools. Outdoor textiles that can withstand the weather make your life easy. Brighten up the coffee / dining table with a pretty tablecloth. Throw in a few cushions in riotous colours and patterns on your sofas and armchairs. Put up a screen made of a vibrant coloured fabric as backdrop to indicate spring.

9. Rustic Elements

Rustic Elements
Rustic Elements

Outdoor spring decor is synonymous with organic, natural elements. Wood and wrought iron hurricane lamps,hanging lanterns, ceramic objects of décor, terracotta pots and planters, rattan baskets, cane lamps, keep you closer to nature. Also use pebbles, stones, and sculptures made of stones and wood.

10. Decorate with Plants

Decorate with Plants
Decorate with Plants

Outdoor spring décor is incomplete without a smattering of potted plants. If you have a space with an already flourishing garden then you just need to spruce it up with some lights, a small fountain, and outdoor décor objects. This is true of villa interiors and farmhouse décor. However, if you live in a high-rise with terrace and balcony spaces, then invest in plants of different foliage, some flowering plants, some climbers and hanging pots to keep it visually interesting.

11. Vertical Gardens

If you have limited space, a vertical garden will still allow you to create a dense green patch that will easily nestle you in the great outdoors. Whether along a wall or using a metal stand, you can erect a verdant vertical garden that is refreshing to the senses and will create an attractive backdrop to your outdoors.

Spring décor ideas are limitless and there is no one single way to do it right. However, each of them is sure to double the joy and ignite positive vibes throughout the home. As one of the best interior design firms in Gurgaon, we ensure that our interiors spell eternal spring in the lives of our clients. Do scroll through our Instagram posts to find many more delightful ideas and inspirations.

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