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Reasons to Choose Custom Design Furniture

Reasons to Choose Custom Design Furniture

When customisation is part of every aspect of our lives today, it is only natural that it has come to define any good design. Especially in luxury interior projects, where personal expression and utmost comfort gain paramount importance, customisation is a byword for exclusivity. And the one feature of interior design that calls for the highest customisation is the furniture, including wardrobes, kitchens and fabrications like screens and panelings.  Since the design, function and sizes of these furniture pieces vary from project to project, benefits of custom design furniture are varied and numerous. And in fact, custom design furniture is the one that distinguishes great spaces from the mundane.

Considering every homeowner has his / her own dreams for their home, custom made furniture comes in handy to address this unique need.

Even for the interior designers, custom design furniture makes certain things easy as he/ she can strictly control the quality, aesthetic and style to offer to the client exactly what they have in their mind.

The need to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of each member of the client’s family, the rigor and expense involved, may make one wonder if custom furniture is worth it, but believe us, it’s all more than worth it. There is a greater satisfaction achieved by incorporating the minutest details the client’s family desires in their home / office. Since it is not assembly line production, but created individually for each client, custom design furniture tends to be expensive. But the happiness and contentment of ‘feeling truly at home’ it brings is unparalleled. This is the reason, interior design firms in Gurgaon proudly proclaim their ability to offer custom made furniture to their clients. And we know that it’s a big advantage for the clients.

Here are the benefits of custom design furniture:

1. Exclusivity

Daughters Bathroom Furniture
Exclusive Furniture

When you go for custom-made furniture specially designed and created for you, exclusivity is the immediate outcome. This is your opportunity to make a statement of your style and class. It helps you to lend a unique character to your environment that is all its own. From the choice of the style to the materials and to the shape and form, you can exercise your control over every aspect and detail, and leave a unique stamp on your environment. The purpose of modern furniture is to offer exactly what you need in terms of design and function. And custom furniture takes care of this brilliantly.

2. Personal Expression

Lobby Dinning Lounge
Personalised Furniture

The spaces you live in allow you to articulate your style, personality and aesthetic preferences. And custom design furniture is the medium that helps you express it. Whether you want to bring in colour, quirkiness, boldness, or a sober note, it is all possible with custom furniture. If you hanker for a mix of several styles, or you want a particular shade of colour for your sofa in the living room, a luxurious marble top for your dining table, you can make it happen through custom furniture. A print or pattern that you fancy can adorn your cosy armchair in your room, defining your typical style. Today most people are mindful of the choices they make and want to go for sustainable furniture that uses recycled materials and planet-friendly processes in the making of it. This is also possible with custom-made furniture, as you can refurbish an old furniture according to your current needs, or simply upholster a piece of furniture to suit your mood.

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3. Perfect Proportions and Layouts

Master Bedroom Furniture
Perfect Proportions and Layouts

Each interior space is different, and often one-size-fits-all kinds of furniture pieces will not be flattering to it. Especially in villa interiors and farmhouse design, where the spaces are expansive and layouts are innovative, trying to fit in store-bought furniture may not work. That’s where you realise the advantages of custom design furniture, as it lets you create any kind of layout in accordance with the available space. Also, perfectly proportional sizes of the furniture pieces elevate the spaces with visual balance and harmony. Moreover, your wardrobe can be designed to take care of your specific storage and organisational requirements. You can bring in a uniquely patterned screen to separate spaces that make an artistic statement. The kitchen, again, is a very individualistic space, so it can be tailored to take care of your precise needs.

4. Specific Material Choices

Specific Furniture Material
Specific Material Choices

With the availability of so many emerging materials and innovative ways of using them, custom design furniture presents in front of you a wide array of options to choose from. Whether it is the most luxurious materials or the sustainable ones, there are many options in between to cater to varied needs. A range of wood, stones, veneers, metals, leathers, textiles, etc., is at your disposal to select based on your style and budget. Especially for those who are mindful of the source of the materials, custom furniture comes in handy to offer insight into that as well. Through the choice of materials used, it also helps you keep within your budget.

5. Highest Quality Control

When it comes to furniture, apart from the aesthetics, the quality and function are of highest concern. They are not just showpieces, they are things that you use on a daily basis. So there can’t be any compromise on the quality and durability. However, when you buy an assembly-line piece, there is no guarantee of that. What you can see is what you get. Whether the inner materials are of good quality or the construction is good, you can’t be sure of. However, with custom furniture, you can be assured of what exactly has gone into the making of a piece of furniture. Also, your interior designer is responsible to ensure quality in terms of aesthetics, material choice and durability. This is truly one of the most enduring benefits of custom design furniture.

At MADS Designs, custom furniture is a proud feature of all our interior projects, imparting a distinguished edge of creativity, comfort and luxury. Every piece of furniture is consciously made at our full-fledged facility following all international standards of quality and construction, making them on par with any imported products. This is an advantage that sets our work apart.

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