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How to Create a Luxurious Master Bedroom : The Amaryllis

luxurious master bedroom: The Amaryllis, Karol Bagh

Modern bedroom interior design is all about creating private sanctuaries of tranquility, relaxation and luxury that are reflective of the owner’s personality and identity. The design of this master bedroom from Amaryllis Karol Bagh, Central Delhi, revolves around the same philosophy. It offers to our client an unmatched experience of being in their own intimate space surrounded by carefully adorned interiors that exude a sense of elevated comfort and wellbeing. The bedroom, with its beautifully designed lounge area and the en suite bathroom and walk-in closet, complement the luxury quotient of the Amaryllis Unity Group.

What makes it most appealing is the sense of harmony achieved by combining exquisite décor features in the most balanced manner. You can experience the thoughtfulness that has gone into selecting and curating each element. From the carefully chosen materials, colours and textures to the unique forms and shapes conjured for the space, the Founder and Principal Designer Meenu Agarwal of MADS Creations ensures that everything leads to breathtaking interiors. A dreamy quality achieved through a luminous, soothing palette, rich fabrics and soft lighting transports the inhabitants instantly into a world of luxury, relaxation and serenity.

Here are a few points that make the bedroom at Amaryllis Central Delhi an oasis of luxury and rejuvenation.

1. Choicest Materials

    Materials make the luxury interiors. That’s something we believe in. High quality, exotic materials used imaginatively define the exclusivity quotient of any space. It is especially true of bedrooms as you need the space to exude positivity and harmony in order to create an atmosphere of relaxation to recharge the body and mind to face a new day. At MADS Creations, we are particular about selecting the very best materials that go on to set apart the interiors from the rest. At the master bedroom at Amaryllis Central Delhi, you will find opulent natural stones, rich wood tones, luscious fabrics, fine quality metals and glass that become its distinguishing feature.

    2. Layered Decoration

    Luxury lies in the carefully mounted layers of materials, textures and patterns. And this is what gives the en suite master bedroom at the Amaryllis Central Delhi an exclusive edge. A range of high-quality materials are blended to impart depth to the interiors. Luxury furniture, combining diverse materials and finishes are custom made for the bedroom. The walls are decorated with wallpapers, panelings and natural stones evoking warmth and intimacy. Moldings on the walls and the ceiling details add layers of interest. Rich drapes with tie-backs, hanging from the ceiling to the floor, add to the cosiness and sumptuous feeling.

    3. A Calming Palette

    The most important factor about a space that draws one into a warm embrace is the calming effect it has on those who walk into it. A neutral beige palette easily ensures a peaceful ambience in this Amaryllis Karol Bagh master bedroom. Gentle layers of details, tonal variations and textures evoke a tranquil vibe. The gold highlights only accentuate its beauty and elegance.

    4. Soothing Lighting

    There is no doubt that the way the lighting is planned and executed in a space helps evoke the right mood and ambience. A clever blend of light sources drenches the interiors of the Amaryllis Karol Bagh master bedroom in a golden glow that is at once luxurious and also soothing. From the metal and crystal classic-contemporary chandelier to the sleek wall sconces, and from the cove lights in the ceiling to the light beams used across the room, the environment comes alive with an even distribution of illumination that casts a restful and cosy vibe. The accent lights bring on a dreamy atmosphere.

    5. Keen Eye for Details

    With subtlety as the hallmark, the interiors of the Amaryllis Karol Bagh bedroom stuns with minute details that demonstrate the designer’s exacting standard for small things that make a big impact. From the delicate print of the wallpaper to the accents on the walls and ceilings, the exquisite custom-made furniture that impart soft contours to the space to the hand-picked décor accessories, attention to details shines through the monotone interiors and makes all the difference.

    6. Luxe Accents

    The bedroom, as well as the ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet, make a glamorous impression with metallic and gold highlights that also become an unifying element across the interiors. Whether the hints of gold on the console table, accessories, table lamps, or through lighting, the interiors shimmer and shine in an elegant style. The luminous flooring, the chandelier and the wall sconces add to the luxe environment. In the en suite bathroom and walk-in closet, gold touches add the most luxurious element to the interiors. The gold-finished metallic frames of the fluted glass doors, the details on the closet shutters and the front of the island counter, the frame of the large mirror and the tall candle stands, add the most enchanting gilded edge to the environment. And the pendant light in gold is truly the crowning glory of the space. The exotic natural stones add to the ultimate luxury element in the bathroom.

    7. Harmonious Vibe

    When there are so many disparate elements coming together to create a space, what makes it feel whole and harmonious are the carefully honed, balanced approach to designing. And this is where we experience the poise and equilibrium the designer exercises. Even as the environment indulges all the senses, the luxurious features do not overpower the visual or the mind. They all form a gentle alliance to invoke a feeling of wellness and relaxation. The Amaryllis Karol Bagh bedroom thus, becomes a refreshing haven of comfort, solace and enjoyment. Its all-pervading serene vibe elevates the body and mind of the person inhabiting it. Just what the stress-ridden modern times call for.

    As leading residential interior designers in Gurgaon with an array of uber luxury projects including villa interiors and farmhouse decor behind us, MADS Creations has perfected the art of combining luxury with ultimate comfort with each passing project. And the Amaryllis Karol Bagh master bedroom epitomises this.

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