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Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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Luxury Home Furniture and Local Craftsmanship From MADS Creations

Luxury Furniture and Local Craftsmanship From MADS Creations

“India is a land of unique craftsmanship that runs through families from generation to generation. And this local craftsmanship forms the backbone of the luxury furniture created by MADS Creations.”

It’s the skillful, painstaking craftsmanship that gives our luxury furniture the edge it enjoys. The home furniture industry in India still largely relies on local craftsmanship. Especially where wooden furniture is concerned, the artisans have a long lineage of expertise that comes to them as second nature. At MADS Creations, we are happy to employ local craftsmanship to create our bespoke furniture. Tapping into the traditional knowledge of the artisans, we equip them with modern design and tools to breath fresh life into our exclusive designs.

Exclusive custom furniture
Exclusive Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is our forte, and hand-making them with care by adding subtle details makes it all the more coveted. We depend on our local craftsmen to turn a creative design into a tangible object using their special skills and experience.
By assigning local craftsmen to create custom furniture, we can totally tailor it to the client’s liking, and give it an exclusive touch.
Thanks to the craftsmen, the specific finish, the select fabrics and details, it all can be easily incorporated into the design. We can be particular to the letter T about every little accent and nuance. The local craftsman makes everything happen in an organic manner and brings a distinctive appeal to every piece.

Luxury Home Furniture | Local Craftsmanship
Luxury Home Furniture

As our manufacturing capability has increased, and we now cater to fellow architects and designers on placing of bulk orders, we are able to give more and more local craftsmen a chance to work with us. We are also happy, we are able to generate economic sustenance for them and their families.

Every handmade piece of furniture has a story to tell. The story of the person behind it, their thoughts and musings as they work – which makes it a one-of-it-kind piece.

What is more, it helps us be vocal for local, as we celebrate the Made In India philosophy. As the world tries to be self-reliant and begins to appreciate the wealth of local expertise and heritage, and their long lineage of aptitude and skills, we proudly stand with our local craftsmen.

Bespoke Furniture | Hand Made Furniture
Bespoke Furniture

Today, the entire range of furniture and fabrications that we produce – plush sofas, elegant accent chairs and other form of seating, majestic dining table and chairs, statement-making coffee tables, consoles, beds, wardrobes, kitchens, bathroom vanities, etc, – has the touch of local craftsmanship. Perfect construction, refined finishes and an awe-inspiring appeal and finesse that stand out, which can never be seen in an assembly-line production.We also custom design doors, door handles, wardrobes, dressers, kitchens, vanities, etc, keeping exclusivity in mind.

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