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Introducing the Chattarpur farmhouse design by MADS Creations

Introducing Chattarpur farmhouse by MADS Creations


“Blending indoors with outdoors to achieve the perfect palette of design, color and materials that speak of luxury can be seen in our recently designed Chattarpur farmhouse.”

With 18 years of experience in designing luxury residential projects of various kinds, we also specialize in farmhouse design. At MADS Creations, we are excited to be working on a farmhouse in one of the premium locations of Delhi, Chattarpur. 

Well-known for its posh and modern farmhouses, Chattarpur is a much sought-after, charming destination for those looking for top-end second / holiday homes. The pandemic has spurred the need for farmhouses as people now want safe havens of their own to live, relax, holiday and entertain with close family and friends.

It was interesting to explore diverse farmhouse interiors design styles for this project based on inputs by the client. While most clients come to us since they admire our style, we go all out to take into account their aspirations and desires for their home.

For impactful, unique farmhouse décor, we wanted to ensure that luxury, aesthetics and state-of-the-art amenities coexist with nature’s charm. Outdoors are an intrinsic part of all our design plans, more so with farmhouse design. So we designed the outdoors extensively to create lots of opportunities to enjoy nature.

As farmhouse interior designers, we focused on the following elements in our Chattarpur farmhouse to achieve the best results:

Spectacular entrance

The Chattarpur farmhouse design carves out a spectacular entrance befitting its luxury status. We set the right tone for what awaits one ahead. As you drive through the green corridor, you are invited with charming views all around and glimpses of a privileged lifestyle. First impressions do matter! 

Entrance design | MADS Creations
Spectacular entrance

Impressive façade design

Our farmhouse design started with the exterior façade to set it in harmony with its natural settings, as well as make a striking impression stylistically. Its façade is designed to merge with its green backdrop to create a coherent design language from the word go.

Façade design by MADS Creations
Impressive façade design

A celebration of the outdoors

Farmhouses must offer a clean break from city homes. Our farmhouse interior design style evolves from that point of view to celebrate outdoors and bring in a semblance of freshness, peace and calm to the environment. Our design plan for the Chattarpur farmhouse is unhurried and nature-inspired to ensure that the invigorating energy of the lush greenery is all pervading. The stylishly laid-out gazebo, central fire pit and an elongated green corridor are the highlights of this modern farmhouse.

Farmhouse outdoor design | MADS Creations
A celebration of outdoors

Enchanting landscaping

With verdant gardens and lawns decorated with diverse foliage and botanical wonders, the Chattarpur farmhouse design makes you stop and take in the beauty of the landscaping around. Half the charm of this farmhouse is in sitting by a window or on a balcony / terrace, and enjoying the charmingly spruced up outdoors.  

farmhouse style landscaping
Enchanting landscaping

Material experiments

Our farmhouse design was enriched with a great canvas for experimenting with diverse materials. At MADS Creations, we enjoy working with a multi-material palette to infuse the spaces with richness and warmth. Natural and exotic materials were accented with luxe finishes and textures to bring in a sense of luxury.

Materials used for landscaping
Material experiments

Lighting as an accent

We can’t emphasise more about the role light plays in transforming spaces – both indoors and outdoors. Our wondrous landscaping comes alive magically with a layered lighting plan. A combination of lights from hidden to grazer and shower lights bring an orchestration of brightness and shadows to create visual treats.

Farmhouse lightings
Lighting as an accent

Similarly, the voluminous interiors will be embellished with sculptural chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights, etc, to inject an element of glamour into the farmhouse design. 

Ever since we have embarked on the beautiful journey of designing this farmhouse, we are all creatively charged up, and raring to go. Stay tuned for the interiors of this project.

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