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How to keep your upholstered furniture in pristine form?

Keep your upholstered furniture in pristine form

Nothing can bring the luscious luxury and comfort of a high-end upholstered furniture. The plush look of an upholstered sofa or chair is enough to relax you even before you sink into it. They are also exceedingly attractive with their colour, texture, prints and patterns. The easiest way to add an accent furniture to any environment is through a chair upholstered in a bold colour, print or pattern. Hence, upholstered pieces are an integral part of home furniture to add a sumptuous feeling. You could go for a range of upholstered furniture pieces – sofas of different configuration, chaise, ottomans, pouffs, love seats, chairs, dining chairs, couches, etc.

Maintaining upholstered furniture

However, an upholstered piece of furniture can look good only if you maintain it in pristine form without stains, creases and discolouring. So regular dusting and vacuuming are a must. Blotting out spillages immediately and periodically washing the fabric with the right kind of cleaning agent ensure that your upholstered furniture stays new and bright for a long time to come.

Some simple steps to keep your luxury upholstered furniture in top condition:

 1. Keep them away from sunlight

Direct rays from the sun can gradually cause the fabric to weather, or the colour to fade. Try and avoid placing your upholstered furniture in a place where it receives harsh sun light.

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2. Keep sharp objects and pets away

Sharp objects, toys and clawing by pets can damage the fabric of the upholstery permanently. It is better to keep them away from your upholstered furniture.

3. Regular dusting & vacuuming

By dusting the surface with a soft fabric, and vacuuming it regularly, you can avoid dust and grime from getting embedded into the fabric permanently.

Regular dusting & vacuuming | Upholstery furniture
Regular dusting & vacuuming | Upholstery furniture

4. Blot out spills immediately

Use a soft piece of dry cloth or tissue to blot out spills before they get into the yarn of the textile. If any stains are left, you can do spot cleaning using a bit of cleaning agent, and wipe with a dry piece of cloth after that. But be sure to use a gentle detergent that is specific to the textile.

Blot out spills | luxury upholstered furniture
Blot out spills immediately

5. Professional cleaning

It is a good idea to get the upholstery cleaned by a professional periodically. Cleaning after a long gap may require more vigorous scrubbing, leading to the damage of textiles.

Professional cleaning | upholstery furniture
Professional cleaning | upholstery furniture

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