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Top seven tips to take care of your luxury wooden furniture

Top seven tips to take care of your luxury wooden furniture

Wood is an essential part of luxury furniture. With its alluring grain structure, durability and warmth, it imparts a rich look and elegance to any space. Even in upholstered sofas and chairs, abd fully padded beds, the base is mostly made of wood. This natural material is very versatile – it can reinforce a classic look, or bring on a sophisticated modern appeal or a rustic charm.
Traditionally used in building homes and furniture for millennia, wood has been reinvented with each innovation in technology to offer a new perspective to furniture design. Good quality luxury wooden furniture will always be a premium product. A plethora of new finishes and treatments lend it a truly diverse appeal.

Especially, custom furniture that thrives on offering the best quality inside out and superior finishes depends on wood to achieve it.

While the latest furniture design uses many new materials, wood will remain a top priority of designers. The best part is, it can be easily combined with other materials to create dynamic and exciting designs.

However, like all natural materials, it is susceptible to damage by weather conditions, dirt and grime. So you need to take special care of wooden furniture so that it retains its beauty and charm for a long time to come.

Today, wood comes in many forms and styles. So you need to understand how each kind of wood functions, what type of care it needs to long last and retain its shine. Make it a point to read care manuals shared by the designer or manufacturer so you can follow the specific instructions.

Here are top seven care tips for your luxury wooden furniture

1. Regular dusting and cleaning

As with any furniture, regular dusting will keep them looking clean and neat. Wipe with a soft and dry piece of cloth every day to remove the fine layer of dust. If the grime and stain are tough, you could use a damp piece of cloth, some times dipped in warm water, to remove it. In some cases, you could use specific cleaning agents meant for wood to get rid of accumulated grime. Once cleaning is done, then immediately dry the wooden surface with a fresh piece of cloth.

Luxury wooden furniture needs regular dusting and cleaning
Luxury wooden furniture needs regular dusting and cleaning

2. Keep away from sun & heat

Sunlight can gradually dry the surface of the wood and can also cause discolouration. So wood tends to lose its luster. Keep your luxury wooden furniture away from sunlight. Or if it is a dining table that gets exposed to sunlight, then you could use a tablecloth to protect it from the glaring light.

Similarly, heat also damages the surface of wood. Make it a point to use coasters and placemats to keep hot drinks and food on the table.

Sun isn't good for luxury wooden furniture
Sun isn’t good for luxury wooden furniture

3. Control moisture

Being a natural material, the character of wood changes when it comes in contact with moisture or dampness. It leads to swelling of wood, some times it could even peel off. Even humid environments can damage wood. A good sealant will protect it from moisture and humidity to some extent, but you will need to take some serious steps to protect it. Do not keep wooden furniture in moist environments. Water or liquid spills must be blotted out immediately and the wood left to dry. In high humidity areas, you could use a humidifier to keep your wood furniture in good condition.

Sharp objects damage luxury wooden furniture
Sharp objects damage luxury wooden furniture

4. Avoid scratch marks

Sharp objects, toys and clawing by pets can leave unsightly marks on the surface of wood. It is better not to bring these things near your luxury wooden furniture.

5. Beware of food and drinks stains

By ensuring to use coasters and placemats for all kinds of liquids and food items, you can avoid this problem. Blot out the marks immediately using a piece of cloth to avoid permanent marks.

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6. Periodical buffing and polishing

Wooden furniture needs a bit of pampering periodically to remain in top form. Treat your furniture with a good quality polish, and use a sealant to fill the joints. Wax polishing is also a good idea to keep it shining. Regular use of wooden surfaces leaves tiny scratches and marks on them. Buffing fills up these imperfections to produce an even and smooth surface. It also gets rid of excess polish build-up to present a clean and gleaming surface that reveals the beauty of the wood grain.

Luxury wooden furniture needs polishing
Luxury wooden furniture needs polishing

7. Use natural insecticides

Wood attracts certain insects and pests that bore into its core and damage it from inside. While there are many ways to prevent it using chemical substances, go for natural remedies like camphor and naphthalene balls to keep the insects away. Naphthalene balls also prevent moisture build-up in the atmosphere.

Wooden furniture brings with it luxury, comfort and timeless style to your home. But, for it to always look elegant and gleaming new, you need to take care of it well. Keep the above points in mind while you protect your wooden furniture.

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