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How to Decorate Home in winter with Plants?

home decor in winter

The winter holidays are about to approach. Christmas, New Year, there’s so much to celebrate in this lovable season. So, what’s your plan on decorations? Those who want to bring the beauty of nature inside their homes, check this out.

Decorating home in winter with plants is never-out-of-fashion and also one of the coolest and beautiful ways of home decor in winter. With just little of guidance and the efforts put in caring, you can really do well with winter plants in your home. Here are some great ideas on how you can pick, pot and care for house plants.


Orchid Jewels

Orchids are no doubt one of the best holiday plants. Try out filling up an orchid in a glass vase filled with ornaments. This will give the plant a sparkling look for the holiday season.

Stage for Succulents

Setting the Stage for Succulents

You can stage a still life with help of succulents and mini cacti. These look good potted in white and assembled. Jade, echeveria, aloe, and various types of cacti can be used for beautifying any dull area. These plants need direct sunlight and require very less water.



bonsai tree

Differently Placed Bonsai

Get something exciting for your favourite bonsai plant this season by placing it in a unique pot or tray. Make it look elegant with something golden or antique and place it as the centre of attraction. Place orchids in sunlight but not direct to make them last for long.

Violets on a Moss

Violets on a Moss

Try out combining violets with a moss. Yes, this can be your little garden over a table, on a shelf or in the kitchen. African violets when planted with Spanish moss in an urn, looks really classy. You can try this with other violets and paperwhites too. It just needs direct morning sunlight and has to be watered by lifting the moss up.

Mix It Up

Making a mixed garden is never out of fashion. Putting various plants and herbs together gives a nice colourful look to any area that has neutral shades around. It brings a pop of colour. You can mix tall plants with herbs or short plants in order to get a fuller look for the pot.


Standing Tall

A contemporary styled living room with neutral tone looks good with a tall Schefflera that will nicely fill any corner of the room. This would be a great home decor in winter  season.

home decor in winter
Add the Bling

Try out adding a bling to your plants by a little bit of accessorising them. You can wrap the plants with some ribbons, or try out a small thin paper of art paper, or a satin bow. Spread some colourful marbles around the plant (avoid marbles if you have kids).

In this way, you will be able to keep your home cheerful like the spring within your homes while enjoying the chilly winter holidays. Keep visiting Mads Creations a best interior designer in gurgaon for more winter holiday articles and amazing ways of home decor in winter.

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