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What Impact Candles Create in Winter?

candles decoration in winter

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”


Those who have read the famous book “The Diary of a Young Girl” by a German teenager Anne Frank, will remember these lines. The line itself defines how important and helpful even a small candle could be to defeat the darkness and also that how it can define the darkness too. Beautifully wrote!

Inspired by this quote and realising the Importance of Candles, I thought to write on how candles can bring life to chilled, dark winters and what impact candles create in winters.

Candles in Impact Winter


Winter season in North region of India is too cold and being an interior designer in Delhi NCR, we are always asked by our high niche clients to look out for some amazing and smart ways to decorate their places in winter. During winter holiday season, most of the people spend their quality time with family and friends wishing each other Christmas and New Year, so the keynote for winter decoration is that – everything should be Pleasant and Welcoming. And what’s more pleasant and welcoming than Lighting Candles in every nook and corner of your home sweet home and REMOVING THE DARKNESS. So, here come two of the impacts of candles decoration in winterREMOVING THE DARKNESS and MAKING THE PLACE WELCOMING AND PLEASANT.

Before we move to the third impact that candles create during the winter season, I would love to know that how many amongst you love the DIM LIGHTING. Yes, you got it! If you are fond of dim lighting then candles are the best in this.

Spread Aroma with Colourful Lighting

KEEPING THE PLACE WARM is another impact of candles that is a plus point for any chilly winter day. Lighting the candles around can bring warmth to the place and adds to the beauty as well.

Stock up some fragranced candles for the special days to SPREAD THE FRAGRANCE AROUND. You can look out for Pumpkin Spice, Fresh Balsam, Vanilla, Rose – there are plenty of choices available these days. Just pick your favourites, light them and you are good to switch on the romance.

All the women reading this, make candles decoration in winter evening ritual, and see another impact coming to your life – It’s LOVE IN THE AIR! Candles provide a RELAXING AND SOOTHING AMBIENCE and are well known for their CALMING EFFECT. So whenever you think that your loved ones are feeling a little winter boredom at home, you can lighten the mood by LIGHTING CANDLES DECORATION IN WINTER .

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