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Holi Decoration Ideas To Up The Spirit Of Celebrations

Holi Decoration Ideas To Up The Spirit Of Celebrations

When you are getting set for the festival of colours, you dream about all things bright and bold. Spring is here and nature is bursting with a multitude of blooms and hues. Holi, the word itself unleashes unlimited fun and exuberance in our minds. Messing up with colours and being boisterous was never so cool, right? And Holi parties are filled with the collective energy and enthusiasm of friends and family members. This sure is the best time of the year when the weather is just perfect and you have licence to party endlessly. If you are thinking how to up the style quotient of your interiors this season, we bring some Holi decoration ideas to you by residential interior designers in gurgaon.

1. A Warm Welcome

Spruce up your entrance door
Beautiful Foyer

Spruce up your entrance door, the porch and the foyer to convey the spirit of Holi, and offer a bright and glittering welcome. Decorate with fresh floral torans and hanging garlands. You could even add a flower carpet or place floating flowers in a water-filled decorative urli to evoke a serene look. Your Holi décor can do with some artistic Rangolis too, done using flowers or bright colours. It will definitely enhance the Holi interior and the joyful mood.

2. Play With Colours Of Nature

Different shades of natural colours
Colours of Nature

Spring is one of the most joyful seasons as the flowers are in bloom, new shoots are cropping up, the air is crisp and the light is bright. Since Holi falls in this season, it’s a celebration of the cheerful spirit of Spring. Bring in the youthful mood of spring with seasonal flowers to holi decor. Fill up your vases, or just scatter them on tabletops across the rooms, or tie them into flowing garlands and hang them strategically over doorways, staircase railings or balcony railings. Add plants of various sizes and heights. The lush foliage is a treat to the eyes and calming to the mind. Alternatively, add leaf and floral motifs to your interiors using cushions, curtains and throws. Holi décor ideas must include these effervescent patterns in the interior scheme.

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3. Update Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings
Soft Furnishings

The best way to refresh a space in a jiffy is by adding vibrant silk cushions, bright curtains and throws to your interiors. With their rich colours and sheen, they can be the best Holi décor props. If you feel your seating needs updating, a quick re-upholstery using richer and brighter fabrics will yield the most spectacular results. Swap your bedspreads for those in delightful fresh hues. Jewel-toned bed linen can match up to the festive fervor.  

4. Beautify The Walls

beautify the walls
Beautify the Walls

Since walls offer the biggest canvas to impart the kind of mood or character you want to for Holi interiors, make most of them. Vibrant artworks, paintings, photographs can be hung in an eye-catching manner to create interesting gallery walls. By using elaborate and artistic photo frames  of various sizes and shapes, you can add much character to your spaces. Charming mirrors are another way to decorate your walls, and also enhance the brightness of the space. If you have the time and inclination, you could also go for bold wallpapers, or simply paint the walls in your favourite shade. There are also many kinds of wall art, decals, etc., available that help you add an artistic dimension to your space. By curating the right artworks, you could introduce a Holi décor theme.

5. Light Up The Ambience

Light up the ambience
Light up the Ambience

No festival is complete without a brightly lip up home. Lights make everything look magical and dreamy. Holi decoration ideas must include a whole lot of fairy lights, the glint of which offers a surreal charm to the ambience. Pendant lanterns or colourful crystal hanging lamps that radiate an incandescent glow around introduce glory to the interiors. Wall sconces add a dazzling effect to the already illuminated environments. Pillar candles impart a soft glow to the lighting scheme. Do up your front porch and terrace or patio also with hurricane lanterns and fairy light strings. Hanging lamps and lights are a sure-fire way to announce the festive mood. Add some dramatic fairy lights to the party venue. Lights that can be switched in between depending on the mood, are essential to keep the dynamic energy going.

6. Brighten Up Empty Spaces

brighten empty spaces
Brighten Empty Spaces

Convert an empty spot into a dazzling home bar with all the required paraphernalia. Accessorise the bar table with flower vases or some décor pieces and lights. Rearrange your furniture to create proper and relaxed seating. Add area rugs to define the spaces and evoke a cosy ambience. Decorate the buffet area with colourful festoons and flowers to accentuate the festive spirit. Arrange plates of assorted cut fruits and vegetables attractively to add natural colour to the setting.  Present your dishes in a delectable manner to get your guests excited about the food, as well as add visual interest to the buffet counter. After all, Indian festivals are all about celebrating with friends and families over scrumptious food.

7. Spruce Up Your Powder Washroom

spruce up the powder washroom
Spruce up the Powder Washroom

Your guests will need to use the powder washroom, so pay attention to its decor. A floral arrangement keeps the space looking and smelling fresh. You could also use aroma candles and scented soap balls that come in enticing multiple colours. Ensure the lighting is mellow and calm, so that your guests can spend a few relaxed moments amid the frenzy of partying. Place a comfortable chair or an ottoman. Hang some nice, colourful towels, and fill up the napkin holders with fresh napkins.

8. Be A Friend Of The Environment

Middle of all the festivities and merry-making, don’t forget to be a friend of the environment for your own safety, as well as that of the planet. Go for dry, organic and eco-friendly colours, and play responsibly. Make sure to use reusable plates and spoons, or biodegradable ones. Say no to plastic. And last, but not the least, be mindful of food wastage.

Here is to a full-on fun and wholesome Holi!

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