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Day Of The Decor For India’s Fine Mess ” Holi”

Holi decoration ideas

The festival of colors and lots of enjoyment is just around the corner. Holi is the bright and vibrant festival when people come out of their house and play with colours to celebrate spring. So, to bring this energy inside our house our room decorations must be bright and colorful. Let us learn the various holi decoration ideas this festive season. Welcome this holi with warm and delightful interior decorations and design ideas from MADS Creations, the conceptual designer, and home decoration company.

Let’s Splash Your Bedroom With Colours


From bed sheets to curtains and throw pillows add extra colours to cherup the atmosphere. Make use of colourful patterns of accessories and decor items. Add colourful flowers and aromatic candles to create a fresh and lively feeling around. You can upgrade lighting fixtures and put some tiny lights to spark the surrounding. Investing in some designer lanterns, ornamental lamps or netted lampshades can energize the bedroom. The true spirit of holi can be created with vibrant pillows and bright bed linens too. If you are living in a small house you can opt for expert’s suggestion to know the exact method of holi decoration.

Bright Living Room

For a bright new makeover, living rooms can be decorated with accessories such as bright flower vase, long curtains in bold colours that emits brightness. You can fix colourful crystal hanging lamps and put up wall accents to create a dazzling effect. Colourful wall hangings and candles can be used to decorate living room if you know where to keep them exactly. The right location is important.

Since your living room is the welcome zone for guests during Holi, everything should be tastefully matched. Holi decoration ideas mean the spirit of Holi should be awakened appropriately. The Holi style can be infused with floral wall motifs, bold and bright coloured area rugs, a bouquet of fresh flowers and even colourful crystal bowls. Use of a center table and small pieces of decorative pieces can add spices. From furnishing items such as upholstery to curtains and throw pillows, everything should match the nature of the Holi festival.

living room decoration in Holi interior decoration ideas

Patios And Terrace Decor

If you have a beautiful patio then Holi means more decoration there. Also, terrace or balcony can gear up the spirit of holi. From hanging lamps to large plant vases and adding colourful flower pots, your patio will look stunning on the festive day. You can also add a water feature on your terrace or make your balcony a hanging garden of beautiful lamps and lanterns. From railing to festoons, you patio must emit the vibe of colour and joy.

Many of us lack the proper idea and experience to match right design technique and then beautify the home. Here comes the importance of a reliable and proficient team of interior designer who can deliver quality work for holi festival. Consult with MADS Creations today and ask the experts regarding your home improvements and decoration. For more holi decoration ideas call us today and find the truly sparkling decoration ideas.

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