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Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is your own personal sanctuary where you seek relaxation and rejuvenation on a daily basis. It’s only fitting that it is designed keeping your functional, as well as aesthetic and stylistic needs in mind. As modern bathroom design takes inspiration from a wellness point of view to evoke beauty, serenity and luxury, functionality merges with indulgence. No wonder bathroom interior design has become as important as any other space in a home.
Whether you want to redesign, or just want to add some oomph to your bathroom, as Interior designer in Delhi we bring some inspirational ideas here.  

1. Smart Layout

Smart Layout for modern bathroom
Smart Layout

Depending on the space available, mark out your counter and vanity, shower cubicle, storage and bathtub, if you want it. Due to conservation reasons, today a lot of families do not prefer to have a bathtub. In that case, a luxury shower cubicle should work just as well. Plan the space layout in such a way that you get enough sunlight in, and the statement features stand out. You open the door of your bathroom and you’re greeted by a charming environment that envelopes you instantly.

2. Soothing Colour Palette

Soothing colour palette for modern bathrooms
Soothing Colour Palette

When you’re trying to evoke a relaxed atmosphere, choose your colour scheme accordingly. There are enough colourful bathroom design ideas to choose from. A neutral or pastel backdrop allows you to add a pop of brightness and textures through a feature wall, accessories or artworks. A dark colour scheme enables you to create a moody space. Browse our luxury bathroom designs extolling calming palettes, and make an informed selection.

3. Material Make A Space

Material make a space in bathroom
Material Make A Space

What kind of materials you want to use depends on the budget at your disposal, as well as the theme you want to create. From high-end marbles to bespoke tiles, there are many choices. Marble allows you to add a rich look to your luxury bathroom design, while tiles offer unlimited options of design, colours, textures and patterns. When curated carefully, bathroom design tiles can look as luxe as natural stones. Inlay flooring is both eye-catching and glamorous.

4. Luxe Fixtures And Accents

Luxe fixtures and accents in modern bathrooms
Luxe Fixtures And Accents

Some times, just by changing the fixtures in your bathroom, you can accentuate the glamorous look. Stylish and luxury fixtures in finishes such as gold, rose gold, charcoal, and those in elegant shapes, lift up the appeal of the bathroom in a jiffy. The choice of basin and vanity too transform the look. They can bring a sculptural flair to the modern bathroom design. A bit of gold accent in mirror, lights or vanity further enhances the luxury quotient of the space.

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5. Impressive Lighting

Impressive lighting in modern bathrooms
Impressive Lighting

As in any space, the way you plan your lighting makes a lot of difference to the bathroom ambiance. Neglecting lighting can make even very good design fall flat. Work out a beautiful combination of accent, ambient and task lights to ensure proper function, as well as a luxurious vibe. Mix chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, hidden and down lights to highlight the different parts of the bathroom, as well as to evoke a harmonious atmosphere. Take inspiration from our modern bathroom designs.

6. Decorate With Artworks

Bathroom decoration with artworks
Decorate With Artworks

No room decoration is complete without the use of artworks. Ditto for bathrooms. Modern bathroom design is big on artworks. Choose a dry wall and decorate it with an artwork, painting or a mural that you resonate with, or something that complements the overall design of the bathroom. Small artworks can be combined into a gallery wall or a large artwork can become the attention-grabbing feature.

7. Pop Of Patterns

Pop of patterns in bathroom
Pop Of Patterns

Modern bathroom design is all about employing carefully planned patterns on thefloor or wall to enhance the visual impact. Stone inlay flooring with contrasting shades, feature wall depicting geometric patterns using different kinds of tiles or wallpaper, vanity doors with fluted or inlay details, add a dynamic look to the bathroom.

8. Carefully Curated Accessories

Carefully Curated Accessories

The final touches are the first things that we notice in a space. A beautiful vase, a curious sculpture, ornamental plants, bold planters, candles and candle holders, they leave a lasting impact. Curated tissue boxes, soap dispensers, trays, etc, bring a slice of your personality to your bathroom. They also allow you to add colour and vibrancy in small and sophisticated doses.

9. Add A Chair Or Ottoman

Add a chair or ottoman
Add A Chair Or Ottoman

The relaxed atmosphere of a beautifully designed bathroom calls for a chair or an ottoman for you to spend some quality time there just being yourself. Depending on the space available, you could decide what kind of furniture piece you could add to your bathroom. You could even place a sofa in your bathroom. Embrace the spa vibe

Every bathroom, however small, can do with a relaxing spa vibe. Using a soothing colour scheme, carefully planned lighting that is made even more dreamy and relaxing with the use of soft glowing candles, you can step into your own spa within the confines of your home. Introduce fresh flowers, ornamental plants and aroma candles to keep the bathroom feeling fresh at all times.

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