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Everything your children will love in their dream space

Kids room

Growing minds need a space that is fun and playful. A space that stimulates their brain, stirs their curiosity, and also lets them relax and calm down after a hectic day filled with activities. So kids rooms don’t have to be only about bright colours and sundry cartoon characters. They should be about fresh ideas and new concepts. Plus, they should bring out a bit of their evolving personality. And, as with any space, they should be held together in a harmonious manner.
While children offer a lot of inputs about the kind of décor they want, be informed that small children have very strong likes and dislikes that are fleeting. Teenagers might know their minds better but they are also constantly evolving. So getting a grip on what the child wants can be quite tricky. So we turned to an interior designer in Delhi to understand everything your children will love in their dream space.


1. Decorate in pastels for a fun, fresh look

pastel colours
Pastels exude a delightful and elegant vibe, and offer neutral backdrops for a play of various design elements that children’s rooms demand. They also have a calming effect on the minds of people, so be rest assured that your kids will be relaxed, even if you pack in a lot vis-à-vis the décor elements.


2. Mix up textures

Mix up textures

A fine blend of textures creates an exciting visual interest, and needles the children’s curiosity. Wood tones, textured wallpapers, velvets, linens, etc… offer enough textural play. Make sure to include some tactile materials as well so that they touch and feel the various sensations.


3. Bring in bold colours

bold colours

Bright hues have a cheerful effect on the mind, and they embolden the people around with confidence. So use them in the right doses to influence the young minds. Colourful furniture pieces, carpets, cushions, bed cover, wall art and accessories are some ways to introduce bold shades.


4. Put up some fun wall décor

wall decor

One of the best ways to add colour and character to a child’s room is through wall décor. Pick up those that might be of interest to your child – animal figurines, their pet cartoon character, something related to their favourite sports, or sports or movie star. Fun decals, alphabet décor or a smart display unit put up on the wall are also good ideas.


5. Hang a corkboard for mementos and pictures

mementos and pictures

Children love to collect mementos, so a corkboard can be the best place to display them. It can also be used to showcase photographs from a holiday, excursion or a picnic to relish the adventurous outdoor moments. And of course, they can stick some motivational words or reminders.


6. Create an inspiring study corner

study corner

A dedicated study corner builds the discipline of sitting and studying. It also offers age-appropriate ergonomic support to the growing children. Make it an inspiring space to take away the monotony of studies.


7. Upgrade the furniture

kids room furniture

Light and movable furniture with rounded edges for safety, a bed in an automobile or oval shape or a bunk bed… kids will find it immensely exciting to be in a room like that. You could also go for furniture pieces specially designed for children that incorporate unusual shapes.


8. Get a fun armchair

Arm Chair


For when your teenage children want to sit curled up with a book, or watch television, you must add a cosy armchair. A high back one or rounded shape, upholstered in a beautiful upholstery adds to the style quotient of the room.


9. Put up some wallpaper


If you want to quickly transform your child’s room into a vibrant place, simply go for wallpapers. You can easily introduce a theme of your choice with fun patterns, delicate prints, impressive sceneries and mesmerizing textures.

10. Go glam

Young adults would love some glam décor. Jazz up the space a bit so that it reflects their personality. Use neon lights, fairy lights, pendant lights, posters of their favourite movie star or singer, pretty potted plants, etc. A bit of mixing of patterns that might actually clash, creates an edgy design that goes well with a teenager’s  sensibility. Animal prints, boho features, gorgeous wallpapers, bold artworks, metallic accents create a fusion of whimsy and sophistication. Add to that a four-poster bed with flowy curtains, and you have just created a dream space for your teenage daughter.

So, it is not one idea or theme, but a thoughtful mix of the above that might work for your child. A lot of the decisions you take depend on the age of the child. But keep in mind that if you cater too much to the age, then the child will grow out of it too soon. So be pragmatic. At the same time, have fun!


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