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How to use planters indoor?

summer interior design

We all know that living in metropolitan cities means having a small garden or no garden when living in apartments. But this doesn’t mean that one cannot have a happening summer interior design. You have reached this article because you love plants and aware of the fact that interiors look bald without plants.

Working as an interior designer in Delhi from past 15 years, MADS Creations very well knows how to bring life to the boring corners of home and optimism in the aura of one move. Container gardening concept is flourishing these days are the market is Taking not much of your time, here are some interesting ways on how to use the beautiful and alluring planters indoor.

Useful Tips

  • Drainage holes in planters play an important role in plant’s growth as too much moisture can destroy plants. And, it is must when you’re planning to plant succulents as they cannot survive in excess moisture. So, for planters without drainage, put an inch layer of gravel/ glass buttons/ broken clay pot, whatever is inert and can allow water to seep to the bottom.
  • Never overwater the indoor plants as the water will sit at the bottom of the pot and can make floor messy.
  • Add some aquarium charcoal at the bottom of the planter. It will help in soaking the excess moisture thereby maintaining the balance.
  • For indoors, we suggest taking bottom-watered pots having a false floor between plant soil and base. This will help in holding the drainage.


Window sills 

Herbs like mint, coriander, lavender, rosemary, and thyme go well for planting in kitchen window sills. Just put them in small plants or plant them all in one with a tray beneath to avoid spilling of water and soil. All they need is just 2-3 hours of sunlight and water. For window sills in rooms, you can go for summer flowering plants as well.

vertical hanging planter

Vertical hanging

Modern summer interior design calls for vertical hanging in hallways, staircase, or any other space that can hold vertical planters easily. Stack them on a wooden frame or hang them independently, they’ll look good anyway. All required is a beautiful hanging pot with a solid base and a plant stems of which falls down vertically.

Rack them

You can use a rack to stack indoor planters. This kind of putting plants in summer interior design looks great as it combines the source of energy at one place, thereby increasing the oxygen content of a particular area. Racking of planters needs a healthy passage of air, so keep it in a big area like living room or hall.

On tables and chests

Why tables and chests are left when every nook and corner of the home is sprucing up with summer interior design tricks. Succulents are best for tables and chests, as these can be kept in small containers and require less maintenance.

Please share your views with us for whether you find this article helpful or not. We would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Visit interior designer in Delhi website to know more about summer interior design.

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