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Why Custom-made Furniture is more durable than Ready made Furniture?

We have to accept that we are living in the age where identity matters. Whatever we own reflects our status, beliefs and values. Moreover, the quality factor supersedes the quantity. So, it has become a necessity that the things we own should not just be functional; it should be beautiful and affordable too. The beauty with a mind is always appreciated and this concept is ruling the furniture industry as well!

Now furniture has become smarter considering looks and functionality both. Today, furniture designers are coming up with out-of-the-box and mind-boggling futuristic designs. They’re really taking the creativity to new levels. No wonder we will have valid and justified comparisons between ready-made and custom made furniture.

Custom made furniture

With this, every passing day is bringing a new challenge – not for designers (as they’re just getting better, and improvement is a part of evolution), but for buyers. The accessibility of readymade furniture through online portals is definitely making it easy for buyers to shop, but then they’re often left with compromising on quality. No doubt that the fast-moving, no-time-life has given a boon to the readymade furniture industry, but those who ever in their lifetime have used customised furniture know the advantages of a custom made furniture, and hence the market of custom made furniture never sees a down and it flourishes with every passing generation. So, there are valid reasons why custom-made furniture is considered more durable than readymade furniture.

Readymade Furniture may have some advantages but Custom made furniture has its own pride. Not just these can be designed as per choice, but this furniture style has got that something epic in its core which is definitely unavoidable.

Where Custom Made Furniture


  • Adds more value to the home
  • Utilises the space properly
  • Are very affordable
  • Have quality factor
  • Have no added costs
  • Easy on maintenance,
  • Are termite-resistant
  • Have waterproof-coating
  • Lasts for long, and
  • Can be easily repaired on damage (because of material used).

Readymade furniture

  • Is costly because of added profit margins of manufacturers.
  • Has no guarantee of material used
  • Doesn’t fits in space properly
  • Might not be water-resistant
  • Can welcome termites
  • Does not last long if not maintained as per instructions

So all-in-all, there are more benefits of custom made furniture than employing ready-made furniture. MADS Creations an interior designer in Delhi advises all readers to choose the furniture carefully after considering these points. It is always better to get furniture designed rather than buying furniture online. A tour to Vilasita- our luxury furniture store, where furniture is designed as per requirements and space, will suffice you why going for custom furniture will be the proud choice for your home.

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