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Top 10 Interior Ideas for Designing your Duplex in Punjabi Bagh

Designing your duplex in Punjabi Bagh

A well-planned luxury duplex home celebrates the magnificence of its voluminous spaces that offer an invitation to any interior designer to go bold and beautiful with the design scheme. As top interior designers in Delhi, at MADS Creations, we have been lucky to have had several great opportunities to design duplex homes ­– from villas to penthouses to apartments. And the Punjabi Bagh project in Delhi takes the cake as it showcases our signature style to the T, while also staying true to the aspirations and lifestyle of the client. An astonishing combination of exquisite design features and interior ideas culminates into modern regal spaces that come alive with cosy warmth. 

The generous proportions of the home inspire an audacious play of shapes, patterns and sizes. Striking geometric flooring, majestic chandeliers, luxurious and uniquely crafted furniture pieces, and rich textiles evoke a sense of wonder and privilege. It is not just about the scale and size, though. It is also about the meticulously woven details and inventive interior ideas. What makes this project truly special is the way a myriad layers are combined together to create opulent environments.

Here are top 10 interior Ideas for designing a luxury duplex:  

1. Scale up your Imagination

Punjabi Bagh duplex home interiors
Scale Up your Imagination

For any designer, the bare shell of a space is instantly inspiring, it spurs a plethora of interior ideas. With a duplex home, theawe-striking architecture coaxes us to immediately scale up our imagination. It gets us thinking big, naturally. Large seating layouts that complement the proportions of the spaces, imposing design features, seamless flooring that is embellished with inlay patterns to distinguish different areas, and thoughtfully planned lights that evoke the right ambience for each space… there are many fascinating ways in which a duplex home interiors can be elevated. 

2. Neutral Palette

Neutral palette interior at Punjabi Bagh
Neutral Palette

It is soothing and it sets off all your grand plans for the interiors beautifully. Moreover, it enhances a sense of space and luxury. No wonder a neutral canvas always stays in vogue. You can easily add and take away elements from it according to the season or occasion. In our duplex interior project at Punjabi Bagh, neutral backdrops are enlivened with fascinating, larger-than-life design features.  

3. Customise Created Luxury Furniture

Luxury Furniture for duplex interior project at Punjabi Bagh
Customized Luxury Furniture

When your vision for a duplex home is stupendous, what can project it better than custom created luxury furniture? At MADS Creations, we are proud of our capability to conceive, design and manufacture every furniture piece, including the wardrobes, dressers, kitchen, bathroom vanity, and all other fabrications required for a project of any scale. It allows us to introduce the right proportions, shapes and silhouettes. It also ensures that the best materials and finishes are employed enhancing not just the aesthetics, but also the comfort and standard of the furniture pieces. 

4. Charming Accent Colours

Charming accent colours interiors at Punjabi Bagh
Charming Accent Colours

When working with a neutral backdrop, the accent colour you select for your space truly reveals the person you are. This is your time to choose the merawala pink or purple! Accent colours also add a pop of brightness that is delightful and warm and complement the rest of the palette. So select your accent colours carefully for each space and add an individualistic touch.

5. Daring Patterns

Daring Patterns at Punjabi Bagh Interiors
Daring Patterns

There is something instantly captivating about patterns, especially when you go bold with them, they inspire a sense of awe and glamour. The bold inlay patterns on the flooring of our Punjabi Bagh project bring an irresistible allure to the environment. They instantly bring attention to the exotic natural stone used for the flooring and enhance its beauty. Patterns can also be seen in the metal screens that distinguish spaces. Fluted veneers on the wall that are arranged in an eye-catching style, add a layer of dynamism to the spaces.

6. Let there be Grand Lights

grand lights in Punjabi Bagh Interior project
Grand Lights

Inspired by the imposing volumes of the duplex in Punjabi Bagh, we have curated splendid lights that truly flatter the modern contemporary home. Scintillating lights that cascade from double-height spaces filling the volume with their beautiful glow, lights that unleash much drama with their unique design and size, elegant lights that crown dining rooms and living rooms illuminating the environment with their gentle radiance… we have curated a diverse range of lights that embellish each space.  

7. Rich Experiences

Rich experiences
Rich Experiences

A luxury home is not complete without a full-fledged entertainment space, a chic bar with space to entertain guests, a home theatre that offers world-class viewing experience with family and friends, an informal lounge for that after-dinner catch-up. Defining each space and decorating it to offer the best experience, makes a home whole and all encompassing.

8. Luxe Accents

Luxe Accents In Punjabi Bagh Interiors
Luxe Accents

A carefully calibrated dose of shimmer and shine introduced into an interior is like the cherry on top of the icing. It adds that stunning final touch that makes all the difference – it turns your luxury interiors into uber luxury environments. The gleaming flooring, the metals used in furniture pieces and décor objects, silken fabrics, a hint of gold on furniture, doors, screen or lights… There are many ways to jazz up the interiors.    

9. A Touch of Quirk

Curated Sculptures and Artworks
Curated Sculptures and Artworks

Elements that make you stop and smile go a long way in any interior. More so in a duplex home where you are working with many features in tandem with the large spaces. A touch of quirk imparted through artworks or sculptures or décor objects humanise the spaces. Check out our curated sculptures and artworks in this Punjabi Bagh duplex home project. Humour should always be a part of all great interior ideas.

10. An Eye for Balance

Balance the Bold with the Sober
Balance the Bold with the Sober

When you are playing around with large expanses and exaggerated features, it is easy to go off balance, leading to eyesores. It is imperative to balance the bold with the sober, the bright with the muted and big with small. Also pay attention to every little detail, whether it truly needs to be there or not. Then you have a duplex home that impresses immensely.

In the past 17 years, MADS Creations has established itself as a one-stop solution for all interior requirements offering well-designed end-to-end, turn-key services. Custom creating all furniture pieces and most of the décor accessories, specially commissioning artworks gives our projects a stylish and functional advantage. Our projects comprise apartments, bungalows, villas and farmhouses across India.

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