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7 Ways to Refresh your Home Interior Design

7 Ways to Refresh your Home Interior Design

Just the way we refresh our wardrobes every season, our homes need to be updated every now and then to reflect the latest styles and trends. However, it is not as easy as changing the wardrobe, as interiors are created to last at least for 10 years with a timeless style in mind. Yet, change is a continuous and necessary part of life in order to feel connected with the moment and for renewal, and not all home interior design updates need to be elaborate or expensive. Simple and easy interventions can also yield great results filling the home and heart with cheer and positivity.

As turn-key interior contractors in Gurgaon, at MADS Creations, we create luxuriously appointed, perfectly finished environments that last a lifetime. Our home interior design projects include an array of residential spaces from apartments to penthouses, villa interiors to farmhouse design, that are cherished by our clients for years to come. However, we do understand the necessity for periodically refreshing the spaces we live in.

Here, we have compiled a few ideas that help you refresh your home interior design:

1. Shuffle the Layout

Shuffle the layout

It doesn’t take much to change the layout of your furniture, yet it can instantly alter the view and the way you feel about your interiors. Shuffle the pieces and create a new layout. Take away some pieces or add a few more depending on the number of people who are going to be around, and see the difference. Luxury furniture is often available in modular form, making it easy to achieve different configurations.   

2. Update the Furniture

Update the furniture

While you may have furniture pieces that you absolutely love and are comfortable with, a few changes to the set-up will suddenly make a whole lot of difference. You can introduce a piece of luxury furniture to your setting and enhance its oomph quotient. It could be a gleaming new coffee table or stylish armchairs or even smaller pieces like side tables and ottomans. Also, reupholster existing furniture in order to impart some colour, or paint a chair in a bright shade, or easier still, throw in some vibrant cushions to your setting, and see the magic unfold.

3. Style your Interiors

Style your Interiors

Sometimes all it takes to refresh your home interior design is by just styling your table tops and shelves differently. Whether it is by using the same objects in an offbeat style, or introducing some new ones, a little bit of careful curation works wonders in the way the interiors are perceived. Diverse décor objects, coffee table books, artworks, photographs, sculptures, potted plants, there are many attractive accessories that can be used in a personalized manner to add allure to your space.

4. Switch the Lights

Switch the lights

If you have been looking to get new overhead lights, now is the time. Whether you’re thinking of a chunky chandelier or a sleek contemporary pendant light, it can magically transform your living room interiors. There is no doubt that lights of all kinds alter how a room feels when planned well. If you are not thinking of making big changes, simply adding a floor lamp or table lamps or even candles to your décor makes a lot of difference to the mood. Track lights in the ceiling are also a great idea.

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5. Wow with Wallpapers

Wow with Wallpapers

Modern home interiors are not complete without the allure of wallpapers. They allow one to add a layer of detail, a touch of colour, texture and pattern to the walls. They also help establish a mood in a space and make the space feel cosy. Wallpapers are easy to install, thus making them an attractive tool to update any interior in a jiffy. A backdrop to your living room or dining room, or a decorative bed back wall, it is all easily possible with the application of wallpapers.

6. Play with Patterns

Play with patterns

In contemporary design space, patterns are an important and integral ingredient to invoke visual interest and dynamism that make a space irresistibly attractive. Bring in a blend of patterns to invigorate your interiors. Textiles and home linen offer quick ways to do this. Take down your drab curtains and put up something with charming patterns whether geometrical, floral or abstract. You could also get patterned cushions or tablecloth or table runners. A patterned rug is a sure-fire way to vitalise the space. Bedlinen with subtle repeated patterns evoke much interest and serenity. Artworks too come in handy in order to introduce patterns into your interiors.

7. Green up the Interiors

Green up the interiors

Don’t want to upset the interior set-up, but want to inject some fresh energy into it? Without doubt, the simplest way to do it is by bringing in greenery. It’s a colour that spells positivity and prosperity and you can simply buy a few easy-to-maintain plants of different kinds to adorn your home. Small ornamental plants for table tops, sculptural ones to add form and shape and vertical gardens to indicate a bounty of joy and abundance, whatever your interiors can accommodate. If you don’t have the time to take care of plants, but you love the look of them in your interiors, it is okay to go for faux plants. They look as real and give the same joy minus the task of having to maintain them.

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