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How to be smart when designing a smart home?

smart home design

If you have been reading about how technology has been supporting home interior design and opening up new possibilities, you are bang on! Home automation has been making a lot of tech available inside your home and aims to give you a whole lot of power and freedom as well.

MADS Creations best interior designer in Delhi has been involved in creating a smart home design for our discerning clients. These are well integrated and augment the traditional interior design features across a gamut of options.
Smart light bulbs are gaining popularity. These range from the ones that harp on energy efficiency such that they can switch off themselves when no one is around to those that can smartly accentuate a room with different hues, based on the mood.

smart home design by madscreations

Similarly, a smart home design includes auto-locking and unlocking of doors, drawing and closing of blinds, and even music systems that go on and off automatically. The alarm systems have been one of the earliest proponents of home automation, and the new-age sophisticated ones are even better.

When the entire controls are combined and handed to you in a single platform to monitor and operate, it is like a powerful remote! Welcome to the advent of smart home design apps that conveniently integrate all the features onto your smartphone or a tablet. Of course, this means that you can find out what is going on in your home from even across the globe over the Internet!

Connecting cameras to your home automation system is a practical and powerful addendum. All the electric and electronic equipment can, in fact, be potentially automated! Imagine that your main gates swing open as you are approaching your home or your AC can be switched on and off just before you arrive so as to make the home comfortable and inviting!

Outdoors are also not spared when it comes to automation and intelligence. After all, who doesn’t want the luxury of not having to do every little task? From water sprinklers that can go off on their own to garden lights that go off as soon as the sensors spot the sunlight, the opportunities are limitless.

The best part is that this automation is now designed to blend with the aesthetics of your home décor. These are trendy and stylish to look at unlike the bulky equipment of the yore.

In fact, you need not control them yourself anymore! Welcome to the latest trend of virtual assistants! Talk to a digital ‘manager’ like Amazon Echo, Google Home or Alexa! These will understand your commands and then map them to respective actions and controls for your devices.

You can let the centralized control be activated via voice automation! Just tell Alexa to switch in the lights of the drawing room or lock the front door and voila – it is done! Someone at the door? Alexa can activate the front-door camera and get you a face-to-face conversation with the visitor on your phone or TV screen! Forgot to switch off the geyser when you left for work in the morning? Well, never mind, just tell Echo, it will do it on your behalf. Better still, it will automatically find out that the geyser is still running, alert you and switch it off on its own!

The smart home design has truly brought the entire home control at your fingertips – literally!

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