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Smart homes design: A Residence for Techno Freaks

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So you love gadgets. A design for smart home not just revolves around installing the smart gadgets to make life easier but also putting the minds in making the home energy-efficient. A technology is considered successful only when it serves its purpose well but without disturbing the eco-system and the budget. So, the challenges double-up for a smart home’s design and that’s what MADS Creations loves!
Interior designing for a techno freak’s residence involves high-end research about technology concepts and their usability along with requirement in current scenarios. So here’s a list of some new gadgets that every techno freak would love to have in their homes and offices.

Wireless Smart Lighting smart home designs
                                                                                                Source:  homeautomationtips

Smart homes design
: Wireless Smart Lighting

Technology advancements in lighting have gone more than amazing these days.   The modern techno homes welcome you with wireless smart lighting gadgets that have numerous features in them. From changing the light colours as per your mood to wirelessly using them, waterproof lighting to sensory lighting, there’s something pleasing for every techno geek in the lighting world.

Smart homes design: Kids Proofing

This is the most demanding feature that every parent asks for. We pioneer in making your home a child proof home, making you assure that your precious pearls remain safe while playing anywhere in the home.

Smart homes design: Keyless Locks, Security Alarms
                                                                                                                                                                          Source: freshome

Smart homes design: Keyless Locks, Security Alarms and Smart Parking

How many times you’ve lost your keys and don’t miss the numbers that you accidentally locked someone inside. From Keyless Locks to High-end Security Alarms, Smart Parking gadgets to Fire Proofing, we make sure that home is safe and secured from every aspect.

Smart homes design: Smart Flushes and Water Sensors

Well, washrooms are also becoming smarter now. Who doesn’t want a smart toilet that flushes waste without touching the flush and closes itself when you’re done, a smart bathroom that dries itself and stops water from fountain once you are away? We have those smart devices with us!

Smart homes design: Device Interconnections

Interconnectivity of devices helps the user to operate lights, gadgets, or any other home appliance from anywhere. This provides a peace of mind for not running around in the house from one corner to another to put the switches on and off.Our experience says that pleasing techno freaks is not an easy thing and that’s what inspires us to bring the best of our technical interior designing skills to them. MADS Creations an interior designer in Jaipur takes pride for having experience in putting all of these latest technology features in the homes of techno freak clients.Whether it’s about enhancing the home security features or making home energy-efficient, we design your residence as per your requirements. Reach us to know how we make that happen!

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