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Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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Marvelous Interiors With Exclusive Furniture Designs by MADS Creations

Interior with exclusive furniture

There is no doubt that furniture pieces are the most visible features of an interior, immediately arresting attention and leaving a lasting impression on the onlooker’s mind. As a result, furniture selection for a project is a very significant part of luxury interior design. To ensure the most unique look and the highest quality in our projects, at MADS Creations, we have been conceiving, designing and manufacturing all furniture at our full-fledged facility.
Immaculately created, stylish custom furniture that takes into account not just the design theme of the space, but also its scale and volume, has the potential to completely transform interiors. That is what these interior spaces from our projects reveal. As architectural and interior designers we lend the utmost attention to the design and construction of furniture in order to elevate the beauty of the spaces.

Take a look at the majestic appeal the furniture pieces bring to these environments.

1. Stunning Entry Foyer


This is where you set the right mood for the entire interiors, and create a magnificent impact to welcome the guests. And the striking design of this console and the mirrors on the wall prove it perfectly. Whether it is for a city apartment or a modern villa in Delhi, this design is ideal to evoke a sophisticated, awe-inspiring look that the interiors will carry all through the home.

2. Lux and Vibrant Living Room

Living room
Living Room

It is our utmost endeavor to allow the living room to reflect the personality of the homeowner through the custom created furniture pieces that give shape to the myriad ideas and aspirations of the family members. Home furniture design greatly alters the beauty and efficiency of a space. By mixing different shapes and forms, not only do we introduce visual interest in the room, but also meet the family’s needs for luxury and comfort. The exact silhouette, the particular colour or texture of the fabric that the family wants can be easily brought in with our manufacturing capability.

3. Welcoming Dining Space

Dining room
Dining Room

Made for great everyday dining experience, as well as heartily entertaining with family and friends, the dining room embraces the guests in a warm glow of luxury and conviviality. The design is elegant and relaxing, yet vibrant and inviting. The majestic marble-top table, supported by two pillars finished in gold is accompanied by cosy upholstered armchairs that immediately extend a welcoming vibe.

4. Chic Bar Area

Bar Area
Bar Area

Luxury interior design is incomplete without a charming bar space. Here we evoke a free spirit using a sophisticated modern design. The bar counter with its geometric design is an eye-catcher, so are the chairs with their uniquely sleek structure. And the gold finish adds instant lux note. The modern light with its curious shapes injects a certain casual attitude. It’s a place you want to show off to your friends and throw some great parties.

5. Luxurious Bedrooms

Luxurious Bedroom
Luxurious Bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms, the trick is to make them highly individualistic in order to allow their owners to enjoy the private space thoroughly. Their favourite fabrics and colour tones are added, and we introduce lots of plushness through the design of the bed, the headboard and the rest of the furniture. The idea of luxury interior design is to make the bedroom as comfortable and stylish as possible. The bed should offer an invitation to jump right into it and spend precious relaxing moments. The perfectly stitched wall panel behind the bed, or the curve of the headboard, all receive meticulous attention to evoke a sumptuously detailed look.

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6. Charming Transitional Spaces

Transitional Spaces
Transitional Spaces

Corridors within the homes, even if you just pass through them, are great spaces to introduce eye-catching décor features. It could just be an attractive mirror on the wallpapered wall and a console, or a floating table holding a few pretty accessories. In luxury interior design, it is a great opportunity to showcase your style in small doses, and we won’t let it pass.

7. Show-Stopper Vanity & Mirror

Show-Stopper Mirror
Show- Stopper Mirror

Till recently, bathroom furniture was not taken seriously, or it was given a merely functional purpose. But in luxury interior design, the bathroom vanity and the mirror have become the centre of all attraction. Our show-stopper vanity and mirrors lend a spectacular allure to the bathrooms. Conceived keeping in mind the overall design scheme, they induce a lux ambience ideal for total relaxation and rejuvenation.

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