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10 Interior Design Tips For Making A Great First Impression

10 Interior Design Tips For Making A Great First Impression

It may sound like a cliché, but the first impressions last the longer. They are the ones that get conversations started, and command second glances. So, when you are designing your home, you definitely want to incorporate interior design tips that help you create the best impressions at the very outset. With a bit of bold and creative thinking, and interesting interior design ideas you could easily achieve it. You can then sit back and enjoy, as your guests stop and stare at the marvelous spaces you have created.

Here are top interior design ideas to make the great best impression:

Go for free-flowing layouts

As you create open, free-flowing spaces, you create visual expanses that result in a sense of luxury and elation. With fewer interior walls, the environment is filled with lots of natural light and good ventilation, helping you connect with the exteriors. Open-plan living-dining-and-kitchen is very common, and it offers enough space for entertaining. In larger areas, you could use metal screens to partially separate the different sections. Finished in gold tone, the screens could impart a luxe design feature to the environment.

Inviting entry foyer

One of the best interior design tips to make a great first impact is to create a truly inviting and attractive entry foyer. However, make sure to carry the charm through out your interiors. Geometric pattern flooring, a bold rug, a chic console table holding some select décor pieces, ornate mirror or artwork on the wall, and a head-turner light are some of the simple ways to make your entry foyer stand out. You could also dress up the walls with complementing paneling or wallpaper to evoke a warm and welcoming feeling.

Luxurious flooring

Step on to a gleaming natural stone floor and you will immediately feel special. Of course, wooden flooring and some beautifully crafted ceramic or porcelain flooring could also have the same effect. Just make sure you pay attention to the quality and aesthetics of the material used, and the craftsmanship involved in the laying of the tiles. Interior design tips for making your flooring shine also include eye-catching inlays or patterns that make instant visual impact.

Embellished walls

Fancy being surrounded by walls that speak, literally! Beautifully paneled, exotically-clad or wallpapered walls engage your attention for a long time. They also add an extra dimension to your interiors, indicating the designer’s or home owner’s inclination towards careful decoration and details. Or go for these quick interior design ideas –hang beautiful artworks, mirrors or put up a gallery of photographs, paintings, frames, masks, wall art; paint the walls in a trendy shade.

Statement furniture

The selection of furniture in a space is not just about practicality and function, but also a means to introduce interesting shapes and forms. The aesthetics of your furniture pieces or the set-up indeed can arrest the attention of the onlookers. Follow our interior design tips to bring a unique look to your interiors using custom furniture created just for your space. At MADS Creations, we also specialize in custom designed and produced furniture at our full-fledged manufacturing facility.

Show-stopper lights

One of the top interior design ideas to infuse contemporary homes with an exaggerated sense of style and luxury is the show-stopper lights. Chandeliers, pendant lights, large installations… there are many options to elevate the interiors. As one of the most visible features, they become a significant attraction.

Metallic glow

Nothing matches the glamour metallic surfaces and accents bring to a space. That explains their continued popularity among interior designers. Apart from using décor accessories, you could also introduce metallic finishes through furniture pieces. Gold, rose gold and antique finishes have a luxe character. The sparkling surfaces and finishes lend a definite sophistication to the spaces.

Art it up

Interior design tips for making great impact, are incomplete without the mention of artworks, ­whether murals, paintings, sculptures, wall art or installations. They help you lend the interiors a certain character. You could also bring in colour, texture, movement, and add an extra dimension to the spaces with the help of artworks.

Hand-picked accessories

Charming décor accessories whether heirloom articles, antiques, collectibles or pieces picked up on your travels are an integral part of interior design tips to add the final touches. However, these finishing elements don’t have to be considered at the last minute. If you pick up décor pieces that truly complement and flatter your design theme right at the beginning, they tie everything together coherently and leave a lasting impression.

Life-sized plants

Contemporary interior design tips for all kinds of places recommend greenery as an indispensable element, as they enliven a space like no other object. By paying attention to the selection of plants you can score at achieving great aesthetic results. Large, sculptural potted plants add a dramatic look. And drama is a sure-fire way to entice the onlookers!

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