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Stunning Impacts of Wooden Flooring Trend on Bedroom Decor

Stunning impact of wooden flooring in bedroom

Wood is Wonderful!

Wooden flooring is known for its warmth and beauty and has become a favourite trend among interior designers when it comes to flooring. It’s not just environment-friendly but also worth on investment and is great to design on. There is something captivating about recent styles and designs of wooden flooring, especially in bedrooms, that the whole aura of a bedroom becomes eye-pleasing. As the years passed, we (as an interior designing firm) have seen how wooden flooring has gone superior on quality and how this amazing trend has boosted up the bedroom decor as well. We thought to put this thing on our study to analyse the impacts of wooden flooring trend on bedroom decor, and here we are with the results.

 Impact of Wood Finish on Walls and Decor

Impact of Wood Finish on Walls and Decor

What decor you are going to put in your bedroom depends on a lot of things and flooring is one of them. But when it comes to wooden flooring, the bedroom decor has to be specifically chosen as per the wood finish and flooring style. We all know that brown and rust finishes of wood flooring demands for warmer tones of paint in the bedroom, and so does the furniture and decor. This is necessary to keep a balance in the room, but that doesn’t mean that you specifically choose the actual tones.

However, if the interior designer has opted black finish for the flooring, then the furniture has to be in the colour that perfectly complements the floor (avoid darkest of browns), whereas walls look good in white, pastel pink, pastel purple, or pastel blue. Decor for such a bedroom is kept minimal, but make sure that there are some fresh flowers, just one romantic big photograph of a couple or a painting on the accent wall, and lighting that match the colour on walls.

Impact on Handloom

Since wooden flooring has the tendency to make one feel comfortable with its warmth even when barefoot, so including a rug in the bedroom will particularly depend on choice. The curtains, bed cover and the blanket look great in pastel colours for the bedroom with wooden flooring, as it perfectly fits the aura of natural beauty.

bedrroom flooring

Impact of Wooden Flooring Design and Pattern

There are mainly three types of wooden flooring that are in vogue – Herringbone and chevron pattern Wood Flooring, Geometric patterned wood flooring, and Bespoke or Customised Wood Flooring in which metal or any other material is buffed into planks to add a chunk of highlight. Based on these patterns, interior designers put the elements in the room which will complement the design in the best way possible.

Wooden flooring is known for providing a romantic lift to a bedroom, and it even gets more graceful when it gets a customised touch. “Since the bedroom is a private place, so going bespoke for wooden flooring would definitely work out to add extra elegance and cosiness”.

Varied patterns of wood with different styles of merging it with other materials has brought modernity into new as well as old homes with grace and beauty. Try out putting that grace in your home as well with wooden flooring and Mads Creations.

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