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What Colour to be used for Gloomy Weather in Winters?

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Now that we are done with fashion weeks in the main fashion capitals of the world and updating our wardrobe as per latest winter trends, it’s time to think about our homes too. Fall is about to say goodbye and gloomy winter season is approaching silently, leaving home decoration lovers thinking that what colours are going to dominate this winter season. So, you have landed the right page as we at Mads Creations – the best interior designer in Gurgaon, are about to reveal the colour trends for home decoration in winters. Check this out!

Since you have just celebrated Diwali – the grand festival of India, you might be ended up with some metal decor pieces. So, don’t remove them and let them be there at their or new places for a little more days. This helps in keeping the enjoyable festive mood within the house, which is very essential during the cold and sometimes very silent winter days.

Bring some blossomy affair to your home with the colour of Lavender – Sweet Lilac. Yes! This colour is taking the home interiors to a new level of soothing and providing a spa-like feel. So get this colour for your washroom in the form of toiletries, exotic flower decoration and curtains. Pay a visit to MadsCreations – interior designer in Gurgaon to know some interesting ways of using Lilac in home interior.

Electric Pink & Fuchsia

Winter calls for dark shades, but that doesn’t mean that bright colours are not meant for this chilled season. Give a glamorous touch to your home decoration in winters with a hint of electric pink and fuchsia shades. You can use it in and as cushions and decor pieces, but avoid using this colour while selecting bed sheets.

Since you would be using many dark shades for winter, so it becomes necessary to make the aura a bit light. Blushy pastel shades can do this work very easily. Make a combination of the dark shades with their look-alike pastel shade and you are just done for bringing a balanced tone


Coral shades are not just the happening trend in makeup industry; in fact, these corals have entered the homes, hospitality sector and workplaces as well. From curtains to walls, bedcovers to cushions and even furniture and lighting, you can find the coral shades everywhere now. So, get some Coral glamour for your home’s winter decoration as well.

Earthy Greens and Khakis

Bring in nature with colours like Olive green, Khaki, and Earthy Greens. These are the optimum shades for winters and take everybody in one go with their earth-gravitating spirit. Team them up with some spicy yellow and mustard shades to let your home decoration take the hearts away.

Shark Grays and Black

These colours are the staple of the winter season. It is said that darker shades bring warmth to the house, but these colours are to be used very intelligently – just one mistake with these colours can ruin your home decoration in winters and aura as well. You can safely select these colours for rugs and furniture, but not as wall paints as these colours need accurate lighting. If you are passionate about these colours than it is advisable to seek the help of an interior designer in Gurgaon like Mads Creations to suggest you the best places for utilising Black and Grays.

How can we forget the Blues! Yes, blue lovers can definitely have the blues in their home this winter as well. Take everyone’s eye on a smart decor piece in Cobalt blue or just get a single wall painted in this amazingly attractive colour. To make a balance, combine the navy blues and cobalt blues with airy blues in fabrics and curtains to see an eye-soothing romance between these two colours.

Stay tuned to us for many other interesting articles on home decoration in winters and interiors. We are Mads Creations – the best interior designer in Gurgaon!

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