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What are the most preferred colours for the kitchen?

colours for the kitchen

This might seem an easy one but choosing the best colours for the kitchen can be one of the daunting tasks. Here, getting the perfect colour for kitchen means making a precise coordination among the colours of cabinetry, dining area (if inclusive), decor, walls, the flooring, the counter, the window, the lighting and even the utensils; every single thing needs to be considered wisely. Whether it is an L-shape kitchen, Horseshoe kitchen, One-wall kitchen, a kitchen with an island or a peninsula kitchen, it all depends on the kind of kitchen you have thought to build on and the vibe you want to create within – be it modern, French bistro, or country chic. Please also read our previous blog about  How Kitchen Work Triangle affects the layout of the kitchen?

So, let’s move on with the most suitable colours for kitchen walls.

Starting with the basic – WHITE

Those who have planned to keep their kitchen counter and furniture black than white is the ultimate choice for walls of such a kitchen. Or you can simply get in the modern vibe by putting up everything white to get an all-white feel with subtle hints of natural brown shades. White is also a plus-plus for the kitchens having windows facing North or West as these directions get low sunlight. When it comes to flooring white is never a failure in the kitchen, and it gives the opportunity to mix and match with other colours for the kitchen as well. White kitchens require less lighting.

Raising the Hunger with REDS

It is said that red colour increases the appetite, so a warm and deep red colour is considered one of the best colours for the kitchen having dining areas within. Better to keep this bold colour to walls with hints of white or with green decor here and there to make a balance. This colour requires lighting as per the matching colour. For example, if you have used white as your balancing shade, then lighting should be whitish, whereas tones of brown used as balancing shade require warm lighting.

Putting the Glamour of GREENS

People really love how green colours put the energy and calmness both in their kitchen. The green is so much on trend these days that it is not constrained to walls only. The green is spreading everywhere from ceilings to floor and dining furniture to kitchen essentials and is best suited with white cabinets and flooring. The most popular shades of green that are widely being used for kitchens include olive green, Kitchens with green walls need proper lighting and should be moderately designed and decorated to evoke nature’s beauty within. Just avoid putting up green everywhere, either keep it on walls or keep it for furniture, kitchen essentials, and decor.

Cool it up with BLUES

Whether it’s a pastel or deeper as cobalt, blue has always been a welcoming colours for the kitchen with one accent wall. Though blue seems to be a cool and easy shade that perfectly complements the neutral colours of appliances, in reality, this colour really needs homework to be done efficiently. Where pastel blue, turquoise, and sky blue shades can be teamed up with pretty pinks in kitchen, cobalt blue and navy blue shades get a nice lift up with white and pastel greys. As far as lighting is concerned, it should be whitish for blues.

Bringing in the warmth of YELLOWS

Say a yes to yellow if you love sunshine! This colour is just the best for kitchens having window in the East, as the morning beauty of sunshine doubles the glory of kitchen when combined with subtle warmth of yellow. From sunshine yellow to mustard and pastel yellows, there is variety of shades that one can easily ponder in the kitchen with traditional country theme. Follow just one rule of putting some natural green (as in plants) and white in rims or furniture of a kitchen with yellow wall, and it’s done!

Dare it with BLACK

Yes! This colour is really making a vow these days, especially when used in kitchens. No doubt, black on walls involves a lot of smart tricks to be included in the kitchen which can do justice with this daring and dramatic colour and to our surprise; MADS Creations’ team of Best interior designers in Delhi NCR are really playing well with this colour. For a simple and safe rule to be followed, if walls of the kitchen are to be painted black, let everything else in the kitchen go white be it door or rims of the door, furniture, counter or decor. You can experiment on a floor with light brown wooden flooring for the kitchen but then the lighting should be perfect so that the kitchen does not look dull. To create a dramatic effect for a kitchen painted in black, try out black and white flooring in herringbone and chevron patterns, or simply go with bespoke flooring.

We hope these tricks might have solved the colour mystery of your kitchen in a well defined way. Don’t forget to share your views with us in comment box below. Keep coming to us for more exciting articles on interior designing. Do share this with your friends or someone who wants a lift up for kitchen.

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