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Me in a decor house like a kid in the candy store

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It is actually wondering how a small decorative can do magic in your house. Accessories in any forms have a distinct way to decorate and wrap your house with wonders. And no, accessories do not just stay restricted in the grounds of showpieces or furniture; it can be throw pillows, artwork,  rugs and so on. For perfect home decor ideas, hiring an expert interior designer will always be a great idea. A proficient interior designer can understand your space, define your style statement and focus on every little aspect through experienced eyes.

Why Home Accessories Are Important

Home decor accessories can either create an extraordinary look or ruin the atmosphere of a place if not placed or used in the right way. Decorative items should be picked keeping in mind your room size, the colour of the walls and your personal taste. If you are not careful while picking an accessory which could be either a furniture piece or a flower vase, you may mess up with your ambience. If you are a little creative, you can make stories with a group of accessories. For instance, a collection of the miniature golden vase and a big oil painting can bring a sense of glamour and classic touch.  

To give you an insight here are some of the home decor ideas.

Stool Can Offer A Lot

Stools can become a focal point in your rooms. Keep a small tea tray, a candle and a glass of drink by the fireplace, the stool can steal the show of your living room. Also stools offer flexibility that makes it immensely easy to place it anywhere and do a little creativity.

Sense Of Warmth With A Rug

Be it an antique Persian rug or a heavy Kashmiri work rug or a soft fluffy one, rugs are adorable. They create a homey feeling. The best thing is you can add a rug in any room. What else could you want when your home becomes your place of love and peace?

Accessorising rooms with art pieces is a trick. One has to know the right colour, object, texture and size. It can be a musical instrument or a canvas painting that can do amazing work of decoration. Antique mantle pieces are rustic and have that royal vibe that resonates the classic interior decor.

Chandeliers, floor lights, ambient lighting, pendulums and hanging lamp shades are great lighting accessories. The proper placement of such lighting fixtures can add an exotic feeling. To know more on home decoration ideas using innovative lights, consult an interior designer who can use the effects of lighting to enhance the home ambience.

Texture Creates A New Dimension

Textures can be very stimulating. They can become the centre of attraction of a room if you know how to work with them to bring textures a variety of elements can be used such as carved wooden decorative, wall accents, furry cushions, decorative stone and lots more. Textures are favourite among interior designers as it gives the pleasure to implement unique accessories to decorate your home.

Indoor Plants Breathes Life Into A Room

A live plant or an indoor plant can bring vibrancy and freshness into your rooms. You can choose from varieties of indoor plants. Indoor plants can cover up for any imperfection or can hide an awkward area of your space. It is also a great way to draw the attention to one particular area. Moreover, it feels whimsy and charming when you enter a room that emits green vibe.
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So you can see how an accessory can renew a house. It is only a matter of creativity, the right choice and a pro interior designer consultant.

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