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Fusion of Designs – Interior Design in Jaipur

Interior design in Jaipur

Though Rajasthan in whole is a source of inspiration for architects which they really love to explore, interior design in Jaipur has its own air of challenge. We, MADS Creations – the renowned interior designer in Jaipur, have plenty of good reasons to support our opinion and our opinion covers these three main points –

  • What residents of Jaipur believe, want and desire
  • What our experience of interior designing in Jaipur has been, and
  • How Jaipur is looked on an international level.

So, let’s move to reveal interior designing secrets of Jaipur – the vintage city! We assure you that this is going to be a picture-interesting journey!


Because Heritage is Important!

The Pink City Jaipur, popularly tagged as Joypore on social media, is the city where modern culture combines vintage classic. It is a place where guests are welcomed wholeheartedly by everyone, a city with amazing food culture and Mapping an appropriate interior design for such a rich culture is a challenge in itself as everything has to be taken care of. This involves exterior, interior decoration, accessories, and styling as well.

Residents of Jaipur are fond of their culture and want to retain it but with some modernity. Our experience says that fusion is not new to Jaipur, as we’ve noticed the work of architects from various parts of the world in the forts, old havelis and palaces in Jaipur. So, fusion is what is actually loved in Jaipur and this is what this city is internationally famous for.

Interior design in Jaipur
                                                                                                Source: interiorsbystudiom

It’s a Tourist’s Heaven, so Maintenance is Mandatory!


Being a home to most advanced hospitality services, Jaipur calls for innovative interior designing concepts that not just restore its popular heritage but also provides a blooming freshness and comfort which pleases the guests and owner both. It is a city where tourists from across the world come to experience this amazing fusion and tourists love and prefer cleanliness.

Hence we believe modern kitchens, flooring, wall colors and textures, paintings, accessories and even bathrooms have to be done in a way that it can be maintained well at low cost and on regular basis.


Making Harmony Between Interior and Budget

Jaipur is speeding up with advancements and so are the interiors. Interior design in Jaipur are demanding more but on a pleasing budget, but if the client demands vintage and classic interior, it definitely isn’t a low-budget task because vintage never comes for cheap. Here is when a challenge arises for an interior designer.

Our experience has taught us how to make harmony between interior and budget while designing residencies in Jaipur. Going fusion along with intelligent creativity is definitely the win-win answer to this challenge.


We believe Jaipur is a beautiful vintage city that wants to join hands with modernity while keeping pace with its rich heritage, and that’s fair enough! So, if you have plans to get your interior design in Jaipur, we have visions to fulfill your wishes. Visit for more info or call us right away at 7835097019, 7835097041,  +91-124-4389267, we are always ready to serve you.


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