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Create a charismatic aura in your home during these long weekends!

charismatic aura in your home during these long weekends

Oooh..  It’s that time of the year again! Lots of long weekends lined up! They say there’s really no place like home! This time, rather than packing off to a jam-packed resort, why not turn the tables around and bring a resort home?

Sounds weird? Naaah!

Think, after all, what do you do in a resort? Relax, chill, soak in the ambiance and generally unwind, right? MADS Creations a top interior designer in Gurgaon brings you some tips that can spruce up your abode like the best holiday homes – that’s a guarantee!


  • The getaway room!

Change the bedspreads to those with a plush feel and add prop-up, comfy pillows. Replace the floor rugs and cushion covers with prints and patterns that give a relaxed holiday feel! Leave subtly colored drapes over easy chairs to give the spruced-up look! Roll in a handy trolley with the choicest of spirits at hand for just enjoying a drink as and when you please!


  • Set the mood with scents and illusions!


Aromas unlock the secrets of the mystics, don’t they? Tingle your senses by the wonders of age-old aromatic therapy with enticing aroma candles! Introduce these into your room for an instant metamorphosis!

Tease those eyes with the dancing shadows and effects of mood lighting! You can play with makeshift and changeable lamps and lights that are available in a plethora of colors, creating an illusion of more space.

Cascading lengths of heavy drapes can form the perfect backdrop to an intimate ambiance with aesthetically placed candles in the bedroom for the seamless flow of mesmerizing magic!


  • Vacation mementos can do the trick!

Look for niche areas that can be used to tuck in neat mementos from holidays. Display pebbles, pinecones, shell arrangements on tables and nooks here and there to enhance the holiday feeling!


  • Spa effect!

Add some seating in your powder room for a spa retreat this weekend! Hang some refreshing flower paintings and add sweet smelling dry flower arrangements for completing the ambiance! Instant relaxation! Add a bold tropical foliage arrangement for the Hawaiian feel!


  • How about a patio corner for alfresco dining?


Turn your balcony into a fine-dining restaurant by bringing in a cozy little table and some brightly colored chairs! It is your personal retreat! Offset with soft lighting for that alluring effect. You can order your favorite meal, splash up some bubbly, play soft music, and enjoy the peaceful private dinner! How about hanging a hammock for the afternoon siesta?


We have just touched the tip of the iceberg, really!


It’s a whole world of extravaganzas out there for you to explore! Of course, it is an art to learn how to create a relaxing room and requires expertise. But experimentation is the name of the game, and surely the sky is the limit!

With a bit of quirky creativity, creating a relaxing environment can be the perfect setting to usher in the holiday feel into your home. And with many long weekends coming up your way, you can create multiple themes around the house, each one unique in itself!


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