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Common Features Of Modern Farmhouse Design

Common features of modern farmhouse design

Modern farmhouse design is all about establishing a harmonious connection between the luxurious living environment and its natural habitat. A host of characters – natural, chic, refined, casual, relaxed… they all must come together in a stylish and classy manner. Add to that alluring qualities like glamour and laidback luxury, and you have spaces that are infinitely enticing, and supremely relaxing, paving the way for unparalleled life experiences. Above all, modern farmhouse design must exude warmth and a welcoming vibe, and mirror the personality and lifestyle of its owners. At MADS Creations, our primary aim is to create spaces that speak of the owner’s aspirations and their way of living.

Here are the hallmarks of a beautifully designed modern farmhouse:

Awash with natural light:

The first thing that sets aside a modern farmhouse from an urban home is the availability of natural light that floods into the house through large windows, balconies, staircase atriums and sun lights. The architecture is planned around allowing beautiful views of the green surroundings. This is what helps connect the farmhouse with its natural habitat and also create a seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle. And the light-filled spaces enhance a sense of space, adding to the luxurious feeling. It’s important to dress up the windows with beautiful drapes, and also to control the sunlight during harsh summer. Flowy sheers let in diffused light creating dreamy interior scapes.

Enticing layouts:

With the availability of expansive spaces, modern farmhouse design allows for enticing space layouts to plan custom furniture. The inspiring architectural volumes and scales allow us to come up with multiple seating clusters ensconced in varied moods, cosy corners and charming transitional spaces that tend to stop you to admire the beauty as you pass through. The way the layout is planned defines and divides the spaces, assigning different functions to them.

Neutral canvas:

When you are trying to evoke a relaxing and luxury environment in your modern farmhouse, a neutral canvas becomes your best bet. A base of pastel hues like beiges, browns and greys helps invoke a naturally calming vibe, much needed for de-stressing. Such a backdrop is also ideal for a play of astonishing design elements – bespoke furniture, select accessories, and specially commissioned artworks, allowing them to shine through, and make a definite impression.

Custom furniture:

Keeping the unique scale and layout of a modern farmhouse in mind, specially crafted custom furniture is the best option to furnish it. At MADS Creations, we create inspired designs for each of our projects based on the lifestyles and aesthetic preferences of our clients. With this capability, we are able to introduce comfortable, luxury furniture, with a smattering of eye-catching forms and silhouettes for special effect. It also allows us to select the best materials and finishes best suited for the project, and customize every detail.


After the interior stage is set to perfection, it is time to switch on the lights and let the drama unfold. We take a great deal of interest in the way the lighting is planned and designed. And this takes place at the early stage of the project as we plan the space layout. Every great environment requires multiple light sources and designs planned in a systematically layered manner to elevate its interiors, and enhance the way we experience them. From statement chandeliers and pendant lights to ambient lights and task lights, an array of lights specially fabricated for us are employed to illuminate the interiors.


Indoor plants:

The aim of the modern farmhouse design is essentially to create a strong indoor-outdoor environment so that the luxury interiors merge with the natural surroundings. As such, sculptural plants and small water bodies within the home bring the outdoors inside and energize the inert interiors. Ornamental plants that come with pretty planters also make for vibrant accessories. Moreover, plants keep the air fresh and fragrant.

Spa-like bathrooms:

For most people, the modern farmhouse is a place to put their feet up and unwind, and go through a process of restoration of the body and mind. And what better way than having a spa-like bathroom that aids in complete rejuvenation! The soft lighting, mellow music and calming aromas from the scented candles are enough to take away the stress of urban living. Whether your bathroom is big or small, it can be designed to resemble a spa, offering you maximum benefit.  


The whole idea of a modern farmhouse is to find an escape from the dreary urban life. So it becomes important to set the farmhouse amid enchanting, landscaped gardens and lawns. Undulating terrains covered with lush greenery, tall trees, topiaries, canopies of hanging creepers ­– a wide variety of flora impart colour to the outdoors. Add some more visual interests through architectural elements, water bodies, fountains, serene sculptures peeping through the greenery, and you have pleasing sceneries all around, offering the best form of nature therapy.

Entertainment areas:

Whether it is your weekend home or a full-time residence, modern farmhouse design is incomplete without the inclusion of full-fledged entertainment areas. A party area fitted with a bar, games arena, gym, home theatre, sauna and massage room… these are some common features you could include in your entertainment area depending on the availability of space.

Modern farmhouse design can be planned to offer not just nature therapy, but luxurious comforts and entertainment.

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