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Bold and Beautiful: Incorporating Statement Pieces in Contemporary Interiors

Statement Pieces in Contemporary Interiors

A little bit of drama goes a long way in adding a bit of spice to any aspect of life. The same is true about the environments that we live in. A dose of boldness makes them awe-inspiring, rich, stimulating and lively. In a way, they reflect your personality – a larger-than-life attitude and a free spirit. It could be the way you use vibrant colours, luxury furniture, eye-catching design features or opulence to draw attention. Or the manner in which you highlight an architectural feature, like an embellished ceiling, large ceiling-to-wall windows, voluminous double-heighted space, etc. Statement pieces such as lights, sculptures, artworks, accent furniture, etc, come in handy to create impactful focal points. Bold design features have a way of elevating the mind and injecting a sense of magnificence and generosity.

You don’t always have to be a maximalist to create bold and beautiful environments. Even spaces that veer towards minimalism make a strong impression with a smattering of boldness, be it through accent colours, patterns, textures, prints, forms or design features. Sometimes, just the way you let your space flow unhindered evoking a sense of expansiveness could become its defining feature.
As turnkey interior contractors in Gurgaon, you will find that bold and beautiful environments are intrinsic to all our projects scattered across India. From apartments to villa interiors and to farmhouse design, we integrate bold features into our projects to create highly individualistic interiors.

Here are a few ways of incorporating statement pieces in contemporary interiors:

1. Magnificent Maximalism

Magnificent Maximalism

If you have the heart for it, go all out bold to make a spectacular impression with your interiors. Say it with colours by going for bright jewel tones, mix hues fancifully to saturate the spaces with a feeling of joy and cheer. Blend materials and textures masterfully to inject a dynamic energy into your interiors. Diverse patterns when combined in a stylish manner introduce a glamorous vibe into the spaces. Opulence and luxe elements sit pretty with maximalist spaces. Rich textiles, gold tones and lustrous stones help you achieve that. Lastly, don’t forget the impact the large and scaled-up objects bring to your environments. Think, splendorous chandeliers and pendant lights, imposing artworks and sculptures and exclusive luxury furniture!

2. Highlight Architectural Splendor

Highlight architectural splendor

Bring attention to the architectural beauty of a space for a marvelous appeal. Use design to enhance the beauty of high-ceilinged spaces, double-height volumes, winding staircases, atriums, skylights and such elements. Mesmerising mirror ceiling, cascading lights hung from double heights, chandelier-studded high-roof interiors, ornate railing finished in gold, etc, enhance the grandness of your space.

3. Accent Furniture

Accent furniture

Sumptuous and elegant seating is not just a practical necessity in any interior, but also a way of showcasing your style. Go bold by introducing an interesting silhouette, or choose textiles with stunning patterns and prints for the upholstery. Hints of gold add that extra luxe touch to any space. Custom created luxury furniture, whether a conversation starter coffee table, or a console that attracts all attention from the sidelines or a bar unit that demands second glances… allow you to leave your imprint on the space you live in. For example, our canopy loveseat in yellow, designed for an ultra luxury penthouse in Hyderabad, or a suspended bar from an up-scale apartment in Delhi set the bar high when it comes to imbuing the space with bold design. Statement-making accent furniture is also the easiest way to bring in an element of grandeur into your homes.

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4. Life-Sized Art / Sculptures

Life-sized art / sculptures

There is no doubt that artworks lift up any environment by adding colour, joy and a sense of intrigue. They are also essential to define the character of your interiors. If you position them strategically, and choose to enlarge them, they suddenly introduce a dramatic vibe in the space. Similarly, a life-sized sculpture has a more arresting appeal than a smaller sized one that tends to get lost in the interior scheme. Blown up your artworks in proportion to the space they are going to occupy and see the way they transform the look of the space.

5. Dramatic lights

Dramatic lights

They are so versatile that from simply illuminating a space to injecting a dose of splendor and awe, lights take on many roles in modern interior design. Depending on the theme of your interiors, you can either choose classical, contemporary modern or abstract lights in grand sizes to introduce an unmistakable oomph factor into your interiors. At MADS Creations, we custom design lights to create show-stopping features. In one of our projects, lights form a screen separating two spaces, in another we decorate large, ceiling-to-wall windows with lights. And pendant lights hanging low over an interior water body in the entrance lobby of our Tatvam Villa project, has been much appreciated as an one-of-its-kind feature in interior design.

6. Bright Wallpapers

Bright wallpapers

Be adventurous andunleash a riot of colours with prints showcasing florals, wildlife, geometric design, into your interiors. These prints are currently on trend too. You could also go for Swarovski crystal-studded or gold embellished wallpapers for the ultimate opulent look that speaks for your unique style. If not a fan of patterns, textured wallpapers in bright hues are enough to make an impression.

7. Daring Geometrics

Bright wallpapers

Declare your love for dynamic interiors by incorporating jazzy geometric patterns. They are truly having a moment right now. Whether through the choice of textiles, rugs or wallpapers, you can easily include the right kind of geometric patterns that complement the theme of your interiors. Mixing diverse geometric patterns yields eye-catching visuals. Geometric patterns in flooring have been present since olden times, and they continue to be popular to this day to make an artistic impression. Combine stones and tiles in contrasting shades or even with multi colours to create captivating patterns and make a stunning style statement. They are especially great for entrance lobbies and corridors. In larger areas like a living or dining room, geometrics can be used as a central motif or border of the flooring.

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