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7 Trending Ideas for your Luxury Modern Apartments 

7 Trending Ideas for your Luxury Modern Apartments

Luxury interior design thrives on timelessness. But it is also with-it when it comes to the latest trends and styles in order to stay fresh and up to date. Interior design responds to the changing lifestyles of people, hence new trends evolve to cater to these particular needs and requirements of the times. Today, people pay more attention to the way their home is designed as they want it to reflect their individuality. They are particular about the way it feels. Whether they are living in luxury modern apartments or villas, the home has come to mean a lot more than ever before. What they are looking for is an oasis of comfort, peace and luxury. And also, design features that set it apart from other homes.
Today, luxury modern apartments are being designed with boldness giving the inhabitants the feeling of living in a villa. As turnkey interior contractors in Gurgaon, MADS Creations’ design philosophy revolves around injecting a sense of adventure and experimental flair by incorporating larger-than-life features into timeless spaces. Have a look at the DLF Magnolias interior or DLF Camellias interior, the aim of the design scheme is to create elevating life experiences for the clients.

Here are some trending ideas for your luxury modern apartments: 

1. Bold Features

Bold features

Irrespective of the space available, luxury modern apartments are embracing boldness in the way design features are incorporated in order to start conversations. Scaling up the size of certain features, accentuating the volume of the spaces and dazzling the senses with glitter and glam, you can go all out. Opulent play of materials, awe-striking sculptures or artworks placed in an eye-catching manner, a light that is the hero of the space grabbing all attention with its grandeur and size are some examples of astounding features. Strikingly patterned flooring using natural stones in contrasting shades, gold or crystal wallpaper embellishing the wall… there are many more ways you can show your courage and confidence through the aesthetics you choose for your home. It could even be some large potted plants that bring a marvelous architectural flair into your home. And it’s going to fill you with a sense of exhilaration.

2. Soothing Pastel Palette

Soothing pastel palette

In modern interior design, luxury doesn’t always mean more is less. Especially when it comes to the colour palette, pastels, with their intrinsic calmness and soothing quality, are popular. With the right kind of lighting, pastel palettes fill the air with a golden glow that is very sophisticated. They bring out the elegance and inherent richness of natural materials that is synonymous with luxury modern apartments. They also allow the exquisite design features to shine forth beautifully.

3. Sculptural Furniture

Sculptural furniture

Comfort and style go hand in hand in selecting furniture for luxury modern apartments. Well-proportioned furniture that flatters the layout and injects a sense of sumptuousness is always welcome. Combining diverse shapes and silhouettes or adding some interesting accent furniture that lends a charming statuesque appeal to the whole seating is always going to excite interest. Browse through our interiors for DLF Capital Greens project and you will be amazed by the way the custom-designed furniture brings a sculptural allure to the environment.

3. Dressed up the Walls

Dressed up the walls

Modern interior design treats walls like vast canvases to express its aesthetic intent. Especially when you want to evoke a luxurious vibe, wall panels or coverings become an integral part of designing. That extra layer of detail injects much warmth and cosiness into the interiors. Leather, natural stones, veneers, wood, fabric… there are many materials that you can use to dress up your walls. Wallpapers offer the most versatile and an easy-to-install option. Fabrics, wood and veneers are best for bedrooms to create an intimate atmosphere. And of course, there is the good old way of painting the walls to give it a bright or textured look. You can also go for shelving or wall art to dress up the walls.

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4. The Glamor of Gold

The glamor of gold

What can spell opulence and glamour better than good-old gold? No wonder, it’s still unmatched when it comes to unleashing a luxe appeal in 2023! From the age-old brass, to finishes like rose gold, antique gold, brushed gold on metal, there are many ways of using gold in interiors. Even in a small quantity, gold has a way of shining through. Décor accessories, wallpapers with gold finish, table lamps, brass inlay in wall panels or flooring… such subtle touches are enough to add the oomph factor to your interiors. If you want to go a bit bold, large chandeliers, coffee tables, consoles, side tables with gold finish are a great idea. Metal staircase railings and screens that divide the rooms in gold polish are another way of adding glamour to your interiors.

5. Art it up

Art it up

Nothing personalises modern luxury apartments like art does. Not only does it impart colour and character, it is also a window to your sensibilities and taste. Through the selection of the artworks, you can allow your individuality to make a mark on the interiors. It could be contemporary or abstract works, or nature-inspired, or any genre that allows you to create the mood you want to in a room – serene, quirky, fun or joy with a burst of colours. You could also frame photographs from your holiday. An imposing, statement artwork or sculpture can be the focal point of a room.

6. Score High with Textures

Score high with textures

They are an indication ofwell thought-out interiors and finer sensibilities. The material-rich interiors of modern luxury apartments are made richer with diverse textures, hence they are here to stay. They add a certain degree of depth and tactility that makes a space that much more cosy and warm. The inherent textures of fabrics, wall panelings, and other soft furnishings like cushions, curtains, upholstery and rugs fill a space with a fuzzy feeling that is the hallmark of any well-designed environment. That’s what makes a luxury space truly feel like home and not a sterile space. Master the fine art of combining different materials and textures for a home that envelops you in never ending warmth.  

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