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Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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FROM MY DIARY: MEENU AGARWAL, What do I think differently about design?

MEENU AGARWAL DIARY: What do I think differently about design

Design is not a plan or drawing or blue print but it is an artist’s impression, a scheme. It is something which depicts the inner self and identity. It’s an abstraction of creating things or maybe a process of creation. I believe that design is heart and soul of someone when it comes to residential property.Design is something which appeals to different person in different ways and forms, maybe in terms of colors, styling, themes, textures, and décor and so on. So home is mirror reflection of person and his /her taste and lifestyles who owns the property

Lifestyle is different for different people and so is there home! The how can design be same for them? Requirements change with every individual following their lifestyle and comfort they desire in their respective properties. The elements from which the design object is composed are primitives. There is no philosophy or set guideline to design as design can differ for different personalities. It is a process with certain specification which can be manifested as either a plan or a finished product Design is a plan which is made to manufacture an objector a structure or a component. It is an applied art which can be integrated with technology or engineering. There has to be a reason to have evolution in design which will vary from client to client and design to design. Design can evolve while solving a technical problem or to avoid changes in specifications. Constraints are always part of design but if design process is plan driven then sequence of stages can be controlled.

Design can be appropriate if we have correct design brief and analysis of goal. Research is another stage of design which includes specifications, problem solving ability, presentation skills and continuous improvement after deriving to conclusions and solutions. Implementation starts with the design process which needs continuous check while the design is being implemented. At times unrealistic goals are set with can be due to limited experience resulting in the continuous changes which affects quality, timelines and desired look in requirements Design is an expression which starts with an idea through visual or verbal communication with the help of design tools. Design can be can be achieved with concept of design cycle with the critical rethinking of the perceived idea. Design is planning and execution with critical thinking and creativity. It is soul with technology, mixed with emotions and expertise. It’s a vision to scan the clients taste mixed with your capability for a functional, safe and aesthetically beautiful abode for someone who has trusted you with his money and house.

Thoughtful analysis is very important while design process is on. Every design project is work of art curated with visual composition with skill full knowledge. It’s a decorative creation with artistic thought. Creating a pattern along with colors and textures mixed with vertical, horizontal or curvy lines in various forms with effects of lights in the given space is called design.

It is essential that the user and designer both are well aware of the space availability and purpose of each individual space. Design is not following the trend but mould your knowledge to make a new trend for every client.

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