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Smart Tricks to Make a Room Look Bigger

Smart Tricks to Make a Room Look Bigger

People in metropolitan cities are facing challenges while residing at homes with small spaces. Where some have accustomed themselves according to these small areas; others plan to make their tiny home offices, narrow hallways, and small rooms look smarter and feel bigger. Being an interior designing firm, we often use some easy room-extending tricks for decorating small bedrooms and areas. So here, from its basket of small room decoration ideas, MADS Creations is sharing some Smart Tricks to Make a Room Look Bigger.

Smart Tricks to Make a Room Look Bigger

Mirrors! Mirrors!

Do the salon trick to make a room look bigger! Simply add a big and beautiful artistic round mirror or simply framed rectangular mirror to the key wall of the room. If that’s not going with the theme of the room, then hang multiple small mirrors in a pattern to give the same look as a big mirror. Mirrors are the best and quickest way for an illusion of a larger room. Now you know why walls at salons and parlours are occupied with mirrors!

Custom furniture like handmade sofas

Smart Furniture

Be it dining, coffee table, or end table, you need to be a bit choosy while selecting furniture for a small room. Folding furniture, glass furniture and furniture with a little storage are smart choices for a small room. Custom furniture like handmade sofas, chairs, and floor to ceiling bookshelves can also make a room look bigger. These large bookshelves can be used for keeping books and multiple small art décor pieces to bring a touch of colour. Avoid putting too much of furniture items.

White Magic

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Create the magic by painting the walls, trims, doors and windows white! Going monochromatic is the best way to trick out the small room into a larger room. Some details can be painted in the same colour but different shade for visual interest.

windows with light

Window Players

Let the natural light play the game for you! Cover up windows with light curtains so that natural breeze and light can add character to the room. Another trick is to hang window coverings from ceiling to floor rather than limiting them to the size of a window. This will create the illusion of a big room. Hang wind chimes on windows to liven up the room. For rooms with no windows, big art painting or a big framed photography is done with focused lighting and decorated fabric will do the trick same as a window does.

the room with painted ceiling

Dramatic Ceilings

To add depth in a room, trick your room a bold ceiling or a painted ceiling. This will add drama to any small room. But if you are keeping your ceiling bold, the flooring and walls should be light, in fact white, and avoid too many things on walls. Upward lighting will enhance the aura of the room with painted ceiling.

Organize the Clutter

To give any small space a larger look, things are required to be kept at their right places. If kept organized along with a hint of decoration piece, small things like books, magazines, fabrics and toys can add a pop of colour to a monochromatic small room thereby providing the feel of larger space.

These are very simple but smart tricks through which any room can be given an illusion of bigger space. Try these small room decoration ideas and don’t forget to write your reviews to us. Read more interesting decoration and interior designing articles at MADS Creations Interior Designers in Gurgaon.

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