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Sajavat: The Traditional Way to Indian Décor

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Sajavat or Sajawat, called as Décor in English; your mind must have toggled this word several times while on an Indian market haul or during a festival shopping spree in a mall. You loved many things displayed in décor sections from traditional furniture to art pieces and bought some as well to match your traditional interior design, but what if you missed to put a soul in them. Wait, soul! Yes, Soul!

Traditional interior design MUST have a SOUL!

Welcome to MADS Creations interior designing blog, where today we are discussing the traditional way to Indian Décor aka Sajavat. Here, in the world of interior designing, we believe that every interior décor has a soul in it. Soul here represents the Power- the power to bring life to any boring or lifeless area or place. It is deep but the truth! And, we can prove it!


For example, suppose you liked a traditional art piece in a shop and decide to put that in your living room, without even thinking a place to fit that in. So, after bringing that to your home, your eyes are now looking for a perfect place to fit that in. Wait here! Why your eyes are looking for a suitable place for that art piece?

Because that’s very natural phenomena, as our eyes are looking out for a place where that décor piece or sajavat can sense life (completeness) and bring life (happiness).



But how easy it is to bring that soul or make any décor piece lively? Trust us, it’s not that simple as it looks! From geometrical considerations to colour contrasts, experience to innovation, everything has to be put in for putting life to any traditional interior design. It is – a tedious task, full of trial and errors, but if done correctly, the output is always breathtaking.



One of our readers asked what can be termed as sajavat and how broad this term is? Well, the atleast answer to this question on sajawat is simple – Anything! It depends on a persona to persona. Some see beauty in vintage pieces where some find innovative things interesting. Sajawat comprises of whole interior decoration and the tiniest décor elements both. As mentioned above everything must be considered while doing this traditional way of Indian décor. So, this term is huge as a concept!

MADS Creations top interior designer in Gurgaon can help you find your way of SAJAVAT. Feel free to contact us if you want to incorporate traditional flair into your home this festive season. Also, do read our blogs for more interesting interior designing articles.

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