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why do people still have apprehensions of using wood in bathrooms and other wet areas?

uses of wood in the bathroom

This question can be seen as a critic and the solution both. For years, or I should say for centuries, wood or timber has been an indispensable choice for designing flooring, doors, vanities and even ceilings of the bathrooms. And what took timber industry with a boom are the recent technology advancements that have increased the longevity of the wood, even if it is used in most wet areas like bathrooms. Then what is the reason that people still have apprehensions of using wood in bathrooms?
Being a best interior designer in Delhi NCR, we often face this challenge where we have to tell our clients about the multi-utilities of wood over other substitutes. We thought to write on this on our blog and make people aware that wood has now become more durable and moisture-resistant than its previous versions and is much design-friendly as well. So, if you want something very interesting for your bathroom, you must read this!

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Right Choice is Important

These days, people are spending more on making their bathrooms bigger and better. With so many options available in timber, it’s better to take an opinion from an expert before finalising the one for your bathroom. We recommend asking an experienced interior designer for this.
Using wood in bathroom gives a touch of nature, so putting the right wood in the bathroom can be a source of gaining positive energies while having your showers.

Water-Resistance Made Easy

Bare wood stains easily, so to deal with high usage of water and moisture in the bathroom, wooden floor, decks, docks, and door, all are done with a base coat, oil, termite resistant coat, and urethane coating. Multicoloured water-resistant green boards are also utilised to add a pop of colour to the bathroom. Tar paper also helps in keeping bathroom’s wooden ceiling water-resistant evaporates back in the room and dries as it gets mixed with rest air.
The water-resistance power of these advanced coats is so good that now wood can also be used as shower floor over a tile which makes it less slippery than glazed tiles and much easier on cleaning part as well.

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Thanks to Creativity

Designers have now come up with their own amazing, creative and innovative ways of putting the wood in the bathroom. They are making floating vanities and cabinets, wooden bath mats (to avoid slip), and are so good at mixing and matching various materials that make bathrooms look even more than luxurious. A Little swath of wood is also being used for creating an accent wall in bathrooms, which is very much in trend. Try out Mads Creations – the best interior designer in Delhi NCR, just in case you want to get your bathroom designed in the most innovative way and feel the wows.
Through the years since we initiated, we have learnt the pros and cons of each and everything we utilise in designing the interiors, and experience teaches us that it’s good to move ahead with technology while respecting the oldest traditions. Installing wood in the bathroom is much easier, faster, cleaner and very stylish as compared to sanding walls.
Send a mail to us if you still have any queries regarding using wood in the bathroom, we would love to solve the dilemma. Explore more blogs on interior designing at website and make your home beautiful.

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