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Enjoy Monsoon in Comfort of your Homes

monsoon interiors tips 2018

So, you must be enjoying the pre-monsoon showers. Isn’t it! Pre-monsoon and monsoon bring good weather, hanging out with friends and family, having snacks and food outside, and so does it calls gracing up the home accordingly. MADS Creations an interior designer in Delhi NCR brings in some most-working monsoon interiors design tips that will help you enjoy monsoon to the fullest in the comfort of your homes.

Monsoon interiors

 Monsoon outdoor furniture

Now that weather is becoming pleasant with every passing day, you would definitely love to sit outdoors and spend some quality time friends and family. So, get some monsoon outdoor furniture for your front garden, backyard or the balconies. Make sure to buy waterproof furniture for outdoor and you’re ready to enjoy sips of hot tea or a glass of wine while embracing the raindrops.

Glass window

Well, no one likes the water coming from the windows during monsoons and spoiling the walls and floors. Some even say that monsoons just increase the workload. But, we really want you all to take advantage of this beautiful season that welcomes freshness and helps in generating new ideas just like the plants build up their new leaves. A glass window will not just prevent the rainwater spilling into your rooms, but it will also let you enjoy the rain. Add a love seat or a beanbag beside it, two flowy curtains and some hanging plants – we promise you, with this, your glass window will become your favorite spot for reading your novel series and magazines or for working peacefully on the laptop.

Space planning

It is good to do some space planning before the monsoon arrives. Arrange all your things in the manner that it can stay away from humidity and moisture. Make sure your open patio is now well-covered, the balcony’s drainage is working and you’ve put a shoe rack outside. Keep your umbrellas and raincoats handy, so that you can use them whenever necessary. Plan out and accessorize the space in a way which looks welcoming monsoon, and not a place where monsoon is ruling you. Humidifiers will help in reducing the humidity and the air fresheners will keep the home fragrant, keeping the stinky smell of humidity away.


M0nsoon Interiors  – Colour choice

Where blues and greens are meant for summers, monsoon interiors are all about getting floral colours. Read our blog on monsoon colours for a detailed description on how to choose colours for the monsoon. We hope these interior design tips for monsoon will definitely let you enjoy this amazing season at home. Keep reading our blogs to know more about monsoon interiors design.

Happy monsoon interiors !!

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