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Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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Magnify the magnificent

At MADS Creations we understand the power of furniture to put up the performance pleasing your eyes and relaxing your mind with the yards of fabric wrapped around the thoughtful structure. The pieces are just not about expensive wood and finesse but are called as your own – the luxury of custom made. Magnify the magnificent is a ode to our creations that are exclusive and MADS assures they seem bigger than life when you see that couch in your living room. The little sketch from our black book enters your abode after a series of refinement and 2 decades of practice in this classified genre. Giving you a small note on magnified products – we mean the over sized accent furniture pieces that have made people skeptical for the longest time is now on. So we have some ideas to share that can direct you in the way to the latest trends for 2019.

Black Living Space


Downplay the couture treasure smartly so it doesn’t seem out of place. The proportions of a piece and it’s significant others need to do the talking. If not, the piece may look monstrous in size and out of place. So do the basic math of removing pieces that are awkwardly looking shrink and a synonym to the purpose of the piece you are introducing.

Sofa IdeasSofa Design

The carpet space should naturally lead to circulation pathways. The Magnificent piece – as May it is an accent chair winging its way to a powerful spot or a modernized version of a chesterfield sofa needs to environ a bountiful stretch. To let you seat in informal postures as a natural instinct of mind. Let your unapologetic piece be inviting with the circumferential area and not otherwise. The magnificent product will then not take too long to make you feel comfortable and at home. The latest trends of 2019 will keep your comfort game up.

Wall PaintingLuxury Sofa Design

Well trends are not to follow if it’s not an amalgamation of your need and your desire. 2019 is about bigger and better. Witnessing the clientele from most terrains and lifestyle, we know – magnified products have a place in most spaces. The latest trends of 2019 are yours to be discovered and reinvented by giving it your touch.

Luxury interior idea 2Beautiful Chair

Check lists the box for a unanimous finish head to toe. The accent pieces don’t need too much play around its concept and make the floor to the wall finish in the same color so that the room appears bigger and ample for the piece you are longing in that area.

As consultants for luxury design, we can vouch on the ideas but personalization is about element you can add to magnify the magnificent in your dearest place. Stick by the ground rules and re-do your place in a bigger, better way this 2019.

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