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Ideal Mirror Locations for Homes

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Mirrors are considered as the light enhancers, bringing in the positive vibes within an area. A beautifully crafted mirror or a designer mirror not just adds beauty to space but also enlarges the area with reflection science. So here, MADS Creations- the interior designer in Gurgaon brings you some Ideal Mirror Locations for Homes.



Mirrors in Bedroom

Want to give a broad look to your bedroom? It’s simple – Go for a large mirror! Hang it in your closet, inside your closet door, or on a bare wall for an enhanced look. A mirror in the bedroom helps in getting well dressed; so it’s a must if you are much conscious about your looks. Just ensure that you install the mirror with enough room to stand ahead of it to look out for your reflection.


Mirror at Front Door

Placing a mirror at the front door is a wonderful idea as it graces up the entrance with a wider look. With proper lighting effects, you can give a more warm welcome to your home arrivals. With this, you will also be able to check your last-minute looks while going out! Visit Mads Creations – the interior designer in Gurgaon to know how to grace up your entrance.



Mirror in Hallway

Mirror in Living Area

Interior designers just love to play the game of setting up decorative mirrors in a living area. There are numerous ways through which you can enhance the look of your living area and mirrors are the superior select for the same. Set a beautifully framed mirror over a fireplace or bring a wonder with artistically crafted, cut and designed a sophisticated set of mirrors.


Mirror in Hallway

Many homes have narrow hallways which require access to lighting. Take advantage of mirror’s most important feature reflection and get enough lighting for your hallway with a broad horizontal mirror. Even a small lighting appliance would play the game of brightness when teamed with mirror. Mads Creations – the interior designer in Gurgaon have got some amazing ideas on how to enhance the look of hallways in a unique manner.



Mirror in Bathroom

Bathrooms are just like empty rooms without mirrors, isn’t it! Place it above the sink, which is an ideal place of setting mirror in a bathroom. Shaving, applying makeup and doing hair would be easier with a large mirror. On a contrary, if you have a small bath then go for placing up an adjustable mirror over a bathtub, but never aside shower area as this may spoil the mirror. Mirrors in bathroom require regular cleanup to avoid watermarks.

Mirror on Desks, Vanity and Chests

Enhance the look of the areas placed with desks, chests, and vanity with a beautiful large mirror or a collection of small mirrors. If you enjoy candles on tables, cabinets and desks areas, then a mirror will help out in doubling up the romantic lift.

You can get more amazing ideas of placing mirrors at your home. Just plan a visit at Mads Creations – the interior designer in Gurgaon or contact us for a free consultation appointment.

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